Provincial road N34 (Netherlands)

Provincial road N34 is a Dutch provincial road that links the N340 near Ommen, Overijssel to Rijksweg 28 near De Punt, Drenthe. Most parts of the road (from Hardenberg to De Punt) is a freeway, of which the part between Holsloot and Emmen-west (formerly known as Emmen-Zuid) consists of two lanes in each direction.

Provincial highway 34
Provinciale weg 34
Location of the N34 provincial road
Route information
Length88 km (55 mi)
ExistedMay 29, 1951[1]–present
Major junctions
North endDe Punt
  A28 / E 232 Groningen A37 / E 233 Holsloot
South endOmmen
ProvincesDrenthe, Overijssel
Highway system

Route description

The N34 starts in the north in De Punt where it cuts off from the A28 in the province Drenthe and ends in the south in Ommen where it continues as the N340 in the province of Overijssel. At the White Pole between Ommen and Hardenberg, the N36 joins the N34. At the grade-separated Interchange Holsloot, the A37 crosses the N34, also the N33 crosses the N34 with roads that are grade-separated. The most important cities alongside the N34 are Ommen, Hardenberg, Coevorden, Emmen, Borger, Gieten, Annen and Zuidlaren.[2]

History and future

The route of the N34 has a steeped history.[1][3] There has been a road for centuries that connects the same locations as the N34 does. This is mainly because a large part of the road is located on the Hondsrug.[4] This ridge crossed above the swamps that were on either side,[3] and habitation was mainly concentrated on the Hondsrug. In 2010 the N34 was rerouted around Ommen to reduce the traffic load in the city and the hamlet of Hoogengraven; the road used to go through Ommen.[5][6]

The interchange with the N33 used to be a roundabout, but because this is the provincial road with the most accidents by date and especially that crossing, Rijkswaterstaat[7] decided to make it a grade-separated interchange; this also resulted in a better flow of traffic.[8][9] To make space for this interchange, an oak grove had to be cut down. The trees have been cut by Rijkswaterstaat, despite opposition from residents that went to the Council of State of the Netherlands, but lost the case.[10]

Because the N34 is known as a dangerous road (a dodenweg in Dutch) a lot of changes were made over the last few years. Crossings were adjusted so the N34 has no more same-level-junctions anymore. From Ommen to Coevorden it is prohibited to overtake for 18 kilometer as part to make the road more safe. In Drenthe the N34 is also known as the Hunebed Highway, because of the many hunebeds near the N34. They even have signs suggesting an American Interstate.

Because the road is an important road between bigger cities/towns in the eastern part of the Netherlands, where Enschede, Hengelo, Almelo, Vriezenveen, Ommen, Hardenberg, Coevorden, Emmen, Borger and Groningen are connected with each other, the both provinces want to double the road on four places to discourage an overtake and ease the traffic. At least the part between Coevorden-Noord and Emmen (where the N34 meets the N381) will be doubled before 2022.

Junction and exit list

DrentheTynaarlo00.0 A28 / E 232 De PuntJoins road A28/E232 to Groningen
42.5 N386 Zuidlaren
Aa en Hunze106.2Anloo/Annen
159.3 N33 Assen, Delfzijl
1912 N378 Gasselte
Borger-Odoorn2516 N374 Borger
Emmen4226 N381 Emmen
4528 N391 Emmen-West
Coevorden4729 N376 Erm
5031 A37 / E 233 Interchange Holsloot
5333 N854 Dalen
5735 N382 Coevorden-Noord
5937 N377 Coevorden
7245 N343 Hardenberg
7748 N36 White Pole
Ommen8653 N347 / R101 Ommen
8855 N48 / N348 / N340 Ommen-WestContinues as road N340 to Zwolle
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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