Provincial road N325 (Netherlands)

Provincial road N325 is a Dutch provincial road. De road connects Arnhem, through Nijmegen, the German border in the east. the N325 was previously named Rijksweg 52 which was constructed during the Second World War. The responsibility of the road was transferred to the province of Gelderland in 1993, and then the road was renamed into A325/N325.

Provincial highway 325
Provinciale weg 325
Route information
Length28 km (17 mi)
Major junctions
West end A325 / N225 Arnhem
East end E 35 / A12 / A348 Arnhem
Highway system

The road consists of 4 main sections.

Knooppunt Velperbroek - Nijmeegseplein

The section of the road between Knooppunt Velperbroek (A12) and the Nijmeegseplein is also known as the Pleyroute. The Pleyroute is not in the centre of the city of Arnhem. Recognisable for this route is the Andrej Sacharovbrug bridging over the Nederrijn connecting Arnhem-North with Arnhem-South, which was opened in 1987. On this bridge traffic has 2 lanes in both directions, with no emergency lane available, other than usual. On the cityside of this bridge, there is also a bicycle path. The speed limit on the Pleyroute is 80 km/h due to environmental and noise reasons. This new Pleyroute has caused the traffic density via the two already existing bridges in the city of Arnhem, the John Frostbrug and the Nelson Mandelabrug, to decrease.

Nijmeegseplein - Knooppunt Ressen

Between the Nijmeegseplein and Knooppunt Ressen is the road named A325, which is a motorway where the speed limit is 100 km/h between 0600h-1900h and during other times 120 km/h.

Knooppunt Ressen - Keizer Traianusplein

Between Knooppunt Ressen and the Keizer Traianusplein the road is again the N325. This part of the road is owned by the local authorities of Nijmegen. Since this is in city territory, the speed limit is 50 km/h.

Keizer Traianusplein - German Border

After the Keizer Traianusplein the road continues all the way to the Dutch-German border, speed limit 80 km/h. The road then continues into Germany as Bundersstraße 9.

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