Provincial Health Services Authority

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is a publicly funded health service provider in the province of British Columbia. Other health authorities in the province have a regional jurisdiction. PHSA is unique in Canada as the only health authority having a province-wide mandate for specialized health services. Services are provided either directly through PHSA agencies or through funding or collaboration with regional health authorities.

Provincial Health Services Authority
PHSA serves the entire province
MottoProvince-wide solutions. Better health.
TypeBritish Columbia Health Authority
Carl Roy
$2.78 billion (approx) in 2014-15[1]
18,000 (approx)

PHSA operates and manages a number of well-recognized specialized agencies:

The PHSA concentrates on doing three things to meet its responsibilities in health care:

  • Provide leadership and management of selected agencies and organizations providing province-wide health care services;
  • Ensure health care is delivered by overseeing performance agreements, expectations and funding allocations for selected provincial health care programs and services; and,
  • Province-wide coordination of programs, services and support systems required by all health authorities and/or the Ministry of Health.

Management and employees

Because of its provision of province-wide specialized care, PHSA has repeatedly had the five highest-paid employees (each a physician) in the public health sector listed in annual reviews by the Vancouver Sun newspaper.[2]

President and CEO Carl Roy was named in January 2014 to lead the executive team.[3] The position became available after PHSA's first President and CEO Lynda Cranston resigned after a controversial wage increase for 118 senior managers during a province-wide wage freeze for the public health sector.[4]

PHSA has been consistently named a top employer in Canada, and in October 2013 was again recognized with a national top employer honour.[5]

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