Providence Reds

The Providence Reds were a hockey team that played in the Canadian-American Hockey League (CAHL) between 1926 and 1936 and the American Hockey League (AHL) from 1936 to 1977, the last season of which they played as the Rhode Island Reds. The team won the Calder Cup in 1938, 1940, 1949, and 1956. The Reds played at the Rhode Island Auditorium, located on North Main Street in Providence, Rhode Island, from 1926 through 1972, when the team affiliated with the New York Rangers and moved into the newly built Providence Civic Center. The team name came from the breed of chicken known as the Rhode Island Red.

Providence Reds
CityProvidence, Rhode Island
LeagueAmerican Hockey League
Home arenaRhode Island Auditorium (1926–72)
Providence Civic Center (1972–77)
ColorsRed and white
Franchise history
1926–1976Providence Reds
1976–1977Rhode Island Reds
1977–1980Binghamton Dusters
1980–1990Binghamton Whalers
1990–1997Binghamton Rangers
1997–2010Hartford Wolf Pack
2010–2013Connecticut Whale
2013–presentHartford Wolf Pack
Regular season titles9: 29–30, 31–32, 33–34, 39–40, 40–41, 48–49, 55–56, 56–57, 74–75
Division Championships13: 29–30, 31–32, 33–34, 37–48, 39–40, 40–41, 47–48, 48–49, 55–56, 56–57, 62–63, 70–71, 74–75
Calder Cups4: 37–38, 39–40, 48–49, 55–56

When the North American Hockey League folded in 1977, the Broome Dusters acquired the Reds franchise and moved them to Binghamton, New York, where they were known as the Binghamton Dusters, Binghamton Whalers, and Binghamton Rangers. In 1997 the franchise was sold to Madison Square Garden and then moved to become the Hartford Wolf Pack. On November 27, 2010, they were renamed the Connecticut Whale to honor the NHL's Hartford Whalers;[1] but changed their name back to the Wolf Pack in 2013. It is the oldest continuously operating minor-league hockey franchise in North America, having fielded a team in one form or another since 1926 in the CAHL. It is also the only AHL franchise to have never missed a season.

The AHL returned to Providence in 1992 in the form of the Providence Bruins. Formed in 2001, The Rhode Island Reds Heritage Society commemorates the existence of the franchise and keeps the memory alive. Their pinnacle event is an annual reunion that takes place during the first weekend in August.


Season-by-season results

Regular season

1926–2732121732750674th, C-AHL
1927–2840131983488835th, C-AHL
1928–29401812104664582nd, C-AHL
1929–30402411553120981st, C-AHL
1930–31402311652132962nd, C-AHL
1931–324023116521381081st, C-AHL
1932–334826166581291172nd, C-AHL
1933–3440191294791921st, C-AHL
1934–3548191712501241443rd, C-AHL
1935–364721206481061272nd, C-AHL
1936–374821207491221253rd, East
1937–38482516757114861st, East
1938–3954212211531361532nd, East
1939–405427198621611571st, East
1940–415631214661961711st, East
1941–425617327412052374th, East
1942–435627272562112162nd, East
1943–445211365271262143rd, East
1944–456023631522412493rd, East
1945–466223336522212543rd, East
1946–4764213310522262814th, East
1947–486841234863422771st, East
1948–496844186943472191st, East
1949–507034333712682672nd, East
1950–517024415532473034th, East
1951–526832333672632702nd, East
1952–536427361552152545th, AHL
1953–547026404562112765th, AHL
1954–556421376481942636th, AHL
1955–566445172922631931st, AHL
1956–576434228762361681st, AHL
1957–587033325712372203rd, AHL
1958–597028402582222656th, AHL
1959–607238322782512373rd, AHL
1960–617226460522253337th, AHL
1961–627036322742612673rd, East
1962–637238295812392031st, East
1963–647232355692482393rd, East
1964–657220502421933125th, East
1965–667220493431843105th, East
1966–6772134613392103295th, East
1967–687230339692352723rd, East
1968–697432366702422843rd, East
1969–7072233613592182674th, East
1970–7172283113692572701st, East
1971–7276283711672502744th, East
1972–7376323014782532554th, East
1973–7476382612883302442nd, North
1974–7576432112983172631st, North
1975–767634348762943003rd, North
1976–778025514542823596th, AHL


Season1st round2nd roundFinals
1926–27Data unavailable
1927–28Data unavailable
1928–29??L, Boston, 0-2-2
1929–30??W, Boston, 3-0-0
1930–31Data unavailable
1931–32??W, Boston, 3-0-0
1932–33Data unavailable
1933–34??W, Boston, 3-0-0
1934–35??L, Boston, 0-3-0
1935–36??L, Philadelphia, 1-3-0
1936–37Data unavailable
1937–38????W, 3-1, Syracuse
1938–39Data unavailable
1939–40????W, 3-0, Pittsburgh
1940–41L, 1-3, Cleveland
1941–42Out of playoffs
1942–43L, 0-2, Cleveland
1943–44Out of playoffs
1944–45Out of playoffs
1945–46L, 0-2, Cleveland
1946–47Out of playoffs
1947–48L, 1-4, Cleveland
1948–49W, 4-3, St. LouisbyeW, 4-3, Hershey
1949–50W, 2-0, SpringfieldL, 0-2, Indianapolis
1950–51Out of playoffs
1951–52W, 3-2, ClevelandW, 3-1, CincinnatiL, 2-4, Pittsburgh
1952–53Out of playoffs
1953–54Out of playoffs
1954–55Out of playoffs
1955–56W, 3-2, BuffaloW, 4-0, Cleveland
1956–57L, 1-4, Rochester
1957–58L, 1-4, Hershey
1958–59Out of playoffs
1959–60L, 1-4, Springfield
1960–61Out of playoffs
1961–62L, 1-2, Hershey
1962–63L, 2-4, Buffalo
1963–64L, 1-2, Hershey
1964–65Out of playoffs
1965–66Out of playoffs
1966–67Out of playoffs
1967–68W, 3-1, SpringfieldL, 1-3, Quebec
1968–69W, 3-1, BaltimoreL, 2-3, Quebec
1969–70Out of playoffs
1970–71W, 4-2, BaltimorebyeL, 0-4, Springfield
1971–72L, 1-4, Boston
1972–73L, 0-4, Nova Scotia
1973–74W, 4-2, Nova ScotiaW, 4-0, New HavenL, 1-4, Hershey
1974–75L, 2-4, Springfield
1975–76L, 0-3, Rochester
1976–77Out of playoffs


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