Proton Radio

Proton Radio is an internet electronic music station. Founded in 2002 by Sam Packer, Alex Ambroziak, and Eric Liberda, the station features over 200 exclusive shows from various DJs around the world. They have featured guest DJ sets from such DJs as Sasha, Luke Chable, James Zabiela, Anthony Pappa, Kasey Taylor, Lance Cashion, Oliver Lieb, Way Out West, and many others. Since 2003, they have also staged an event at the annual Winter Music Conference.[1]

In 2004, Proton Radio created a record label, Proton Music, which has featured releases from artists such as Digital Witchcraft and Deepsky. Proton Music's first release was a compilation titled The Sound mixed by resident DJ Lance Cashion which was released in October 2004.[2] The label's first single was Digital Witchcraft's "Fingerpaint", for which they held a remix contest.[3] Proton Music releases its singles and compilations through stores including iTunes, Beatport, and Release Records.[4]

In 2006, Proton Radio began its "On-Demand" service, allowing users access to its DJ mixes at any time.[5]


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