Protector (RWS)

The Protector Remote Weapon Station is a remotely controlled weapons station (RWS) that can be mounted to vehicles and stationary platforms. It is manufactured by Kongsberg Defence Systems of Norway and Thales Group of France.[1]


The system consists of a stabilized firing platform, a fire-control system and control grips. Several weapons can be mounted to the platform, such as:

The system also features 4 M6 Smoke Grenade Dischargers. Specifications (excluding weapons and ammo):[4]

  • Weight (kg): 135
  • Height (mm): 749
  • Operating temperature (in °Celsius): -46 to +65
  • Storage temperature (in °Celsius): -51 to +71


Several versions of Protector have been developed with more than 15,000 units sold around the world in service with more than a dozen countries.

M151 versions

  • M151 Protector – deployed with the first Stryker brigades
  • M151 E1 (Block 1) – includes improved thermal cameras
  • M151 E2 (Block 2) – stabilized version
  • Several country specific adaptations

M153 Protector

M153 Protector is designed to meet CROWS II requirement. Specifications (excluding weapons and ammo):[5]

  • Weight (kg): 172
  • Height (mm): 762
  • Operating temperature (in °Celsius): -46 to +65
  • Storage temperature (in °Celsius): -51 to +71

Protector Lite

Protector Lite is a lightweight version for 7.62 mm machine gun with 200 rounds of ammunition carried. Specifications (excluding weapons and ammo):[6]

  • Weight (kg): 74
  • Height (mm): 610
  • Operating temperature (in °Celsius): -46 to +65
  • Storage temperature (in °Celsius): -51 to +71

Protector Super Lite

Protector Super Lite is the lightest version currently available, and is a lightweight, man-portable system that can be operated both remotely and manually. The Super Lite is fully stabilized and adaptable to any wheeled, tracked or stabilized platform, including tripods. Specifications (excluding weapons and ammo):[7]

  • Weight (kg): 30
  • Height (mm): 460
  • Operating temperature (in °Celsius): -40 to +65
  • Storage temperature (in °Celsius): -51 to +71

Protector Medium Caliber RWS

Protector Medium Caliber RWS is designed as a vehicle turret for 20 to 50 mm autocannons, with coaxial machinegun of 5.56 to 7.62 mm. Specifications (including weapons and ammo):[8]

  • Weight (kg): 2000
  • Operating temperature (in °Celsius): -40 to +65
  • Storage temperature (in °Celsius): -51 to +71

Sea Protector

Sea Protector is developed for naval applications. Specifications (excluding weapons and ammo):[9]

  • Weight (kg): 135
  • Height (mm): 749
  • Operating temperature (in °Celsius): -40 to +65
  • Storage temperature (in °Celsius): -51 to +71

Dynamic performance

  • Maximum Azimuth Slew Rate >100°/s
  • Maximum Elevation Slew Rate >50°/s
  • Range of Traverse, Azimuth Continuous 360°
  • Range of Elevation -20° to +60°

Protector Dual RWS

Protector Dual RWS is an extension of the existing RWS family that includes the use of two weapons. This innovative system also provides a dual user functionality (Gunner / Commander). The coaxial weapon is mounted on the same axis as the main gun, the system automatically compensates for the parallel axis between the sights and the axis. Switching between weapons is intuitive and happens by simply pushing a button depending on mission need.[10]

Protector with Non Lethal Effectors

Protector with Non Lethal Effectors is designed to close a capability gap in peacekeeping, peace enforcement and humanitarian operations as well as today's asymmetric warfare.[11]

Protector Nordic

Protector Nordic is claimed by the Norwegian remote weapon station developer as the most technically advanced Protector RWS ordered to date, and is a key element in the foundation for cooperation in the Nordic material programs. The extended functionality includes the Day Camera VIS 95 with 95 field of view and the Infrared Aim Laser (850 nm), both developed by Kongsberg.[12]

Protector NM221

Protector NM221 includes internal ammunition feed.[13]



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