Promise the Moon

Promise the Moon is a 1997 film by Kevin Sullivan, based on the book The Four Arrows Fe-As-Ko by Randall Beth Platt. The script was adapted by Kevin Sullivan and Peter Behrens, and directed by Ken Jubenvill.

Promise the Moon
DVD cover
Directed byKen Jubenville
Produced byTrudy Grant
Kevin Sullivan
Written byRandall Beth Platt
Kevin Sullivan
StarringHenry Czerny
Colette Stevenson
Shawn Ashmore
Distributed byFour Arrows Productions Inc.
Sullivan Entertainment
Release date
  • 1997 (1997)
Running time
97 minutes

The film won a Gemini Award for Best Costume Design.[1]

Plot summary

Ranch hand Roy Leckner (Henry Czerny) gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to fulfill his bosses dying wish to bring home his long lost son Levi (Shawn Ashmore) and teach him to take over the Four Arrows Ranch. Roy finds Levi unable to speak and living in an institution where he’s been his entire life. Roy has no idea how he is going to be able to teach the boy anything and to make matters worse, Sir Robert Butler (David Fox) a local, cut throat businessman, is plotting to take over the ranch. Roy thinks the case is hopeless until Butler’s former secretary Jane Makepeace (Colette Stevenson) joins forces with Roy to keep her greedy ex-employer at bay. The prim and proper Jane brings order to the household and discovers that Levi can’t speak because he is deaf. Jane and Roy join forces to teach Levi to communicate and work on the ranch and an unlikely romance blossoms between them. In the end, in spite of their differences, Roy, Jane and Levi defeat Butler and forge a family in the process.[2]

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