Promenades Saint-Bruno

Promenades St-Bruno (corporately known as CF Promenades St-Bruno) is a shopping mall in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada. Ground was broken to build the mall in 1976.[2] It was completed in 1978, making it the youngest of the four self-branded "fashion centres" operated by Cadillac Fairview. Les Promenades St-Bruno is the largest mall in the Montérégie and part of its consumer base come from cities as far as Saint-Hyacinthe and Sorel-Tracy. The anchor tenants are The Bay and Simons.

Promenades St-Bruno
LocationSaint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45.5053°N 73.3785°W / 45.5053; -73.3785
Address1, boulevard des Promenades
Opening dateAugust 23, 1978
DeveloperCadillac Fairview (planner)
Ain & Zakuta Ltd (builder) [1]
ManagementCadillac Fairview
OwnerCadillac Fairview
No. of stores and services250
No. of anchor tenants2
Total retail floor area1,084,000 sq ft (100,700 m2). (GLA)
No. of floors2

The Bay is the only one left among the five initial anchors, although it moved into the space that was vacated by Simpsons in 1989, with its original location being converted into a mall expansion in 1991. Aside from The Bay, the 1978 anchors were Simpsons, Miracle Mart, Steinberg's and Eaton's.[3][4]


A Steinberg's supermarket was there between 1978 and 1992, around 50,000 sq ft (4,600 m2). Steinberg's, through Ivanhoe, had owned 25% of the mall and also operated a Miracle Mart/M store side by side to the Steinberg's supermarket.[5] Both businesses closed in 1992. The following year, Zellers took over all of the space used by Steinberg's and the vast majority of the M store. Zellers left the mall in 2012 and American giant retailer Target occupied its space from 2013 to 2015. After fours years of unoccupancy, the former Target location is being transformed in 2019 to welcome a Avril Supermarché Santé grocery store as well as a public market and a relocated SAQ.[6][7] 45,000 of the 100,000 vacant square feet will go to Avril alone.[6] This food-oriented section is expected to be operational in the fall of 2020.[6]

Hudson's Bay Company closed its Simpsons location at Promenades St-Bruno in early March 1989.[8] The existing The Bay store relocated into Simpsons' vacant space on June 22, 1989.[8][9] The Bay's original location stayed vacant for over a year. Through The Bay's former anchor space, a new mall wing was created with 57 boutiques and a Sears, which opened during the spring of 1991.[10][11] The new section with the boutiques inaugurated on March 20, 1991, while Sears itself opened on April 3.[12] This increased the size of the mall to nearly 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2). The Sears at Promenades Saint-Bruno was notable for being the first to dedicate 60% of its space for fashion apparels and the other 40% for housewares and durable goods; an opposite proportion of the chain's other stores at the time.[4] Sears closed in January 14, 2018.[13] The space that Sears occupied was dismantled to welcome a relocating Sports Experts, Winners, Imaginaire and possibly three restaurants.[14][7] On May 1, 2019, Sports Expers/Atmosphere left its previous location above Simons to relocate on the second floor of the former Sears store.[15][16] Winners opened on September 10, 2019 in the first floor of Sears.[15][16] Imaginaire, a retail chain from Quebec City, will open its first Greater Montreal location during the fall of 2019, using 15,000 square feet of the former Sears.[17] The revitalized section is set to boast a lifestyle theme in the likes of Quartier DIX30.[14]

During the 1990s, big box stores arrived around the mall, which continued well into the 2000s. While some of these stores (e.g., Best Buy, Old Navy) are tenants of Promenades St-Bruno, the majority of them have no connection to the mall.

Simons picked the first floor of former Eaton's on August 9, 2001.[18][14] Sport Experts/Atmosphere and five boutiques took over the second floor of Eaton's. Simons is slated to double its size in 2021 by expanding on the second floor (formerly occupied by Sports Experts) and will be modeled after the company's existing store at Galeries d'Anjou which has two levels.[14][19]

Les Promenades St-Bruno was the first shopping centre in Canada to house at the same time the three traditional upscale department stores: Simpsons, The Bay and Eaton's.[20] It is also one of the first shopping centres in Quebec with a food court, having been part of the mall since its inauguration in 1978.[4][3] Although now wholly owned by Cadillac Fairview, Les Promenades Saint-Bruno was originally the joint property at 51% of the aforementioned company, 24.5% of Ivanhoe Corporation and 24.5% of Eaton's.[3][2][21]

A mid-air collision occurred above the mall on March 17, 2017, with the wreckage of both planes landing on the parking lot of the mall.[22]

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