Project Twilight

Project: Twilight is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Sequels to this story include Project: Valhalla (a novel featuring characters from Twilight), Project: Longinus (a web-comic published by Scott and Wright), the audio dramas Project: Lazarus and Project: Destiny, and the short story 'Project: Wildthyme'.

Project: Twilight
Big Finish Productions audio drama
SeriesDoctor Who
Release no.23
FeaturingSixth Doctor
Evelyn Smythe
Written byCavan Scott and
Mark Wright
Directed byGary Russell
Produced byGary Russell
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Executive producer(s)Jacqueline Rayner
Production code7CE
Length1 hr 50 mins
Release date20 August 2001


1999. The Sixth Doctor and Evelyn try to find out what connects "Project: Twilight", a secret government initiative, to a seedy casino in London Docklands.



  • This play contains the first reference to Zagreus, a character from a Gallifreyan nursery rhyme, who later appears in Neverland and Zagreus.
  • This play also introduces the Forge, a mysterious government/military group dealing with paranormal research.
  • The Doctor meets Nimrod, Cassie and the Forge again in Project: Lazarus.
  • Vampires were first introduced into Doctor Who in the Fourth Doctor serial State of Decay, where they are said to be ancient enemies of the Time Lords.
  • The Doctor begins to ask Evelyn "Have you ever been to Bl..." This is in reference to Revelation of the Daleks.

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