Professor Popper's Problem

Professor Popper's Problems was a film made in 1974 turned into a 6-part serial by Mersey Film Productions for the Children's Film Foundation.[1]

Professor Popper‘s Problems
Directed byGerry O'Hara
Written byRichard Loncraine and Leo Maguire
StarringCharlie Drake
Music byKenneth V. Jones
CinematographyKen Hodges
Distributed byMersey Film Productions
Release date
  • 1974 (1974)
Running time
91 minutes (6 episodes)
CountryUnited Kingdom


The film centres around a group of children who with the school professor get shrunk and then have to return to normal size.


A group of kids get involved in Professor Popper's (Charlie Drake) new secret formula and it leads to some strange happenings - including being chased by spies (Leo Maguire and Alan Curtis) who want the formula. Simon (Adam Richens) and the Professor accidentally put some of the material in their tea and suddenly they shrink to the size of bugs. Simon's friends Liz (Debra Collins), Angus (played by a very young Todd Carty) and Terry (Philip DaCosta) come looking for him and the two boys also get shrunk. It is up to Liz to sort it all out so everyone can return to normal size and also prevent the spies getting their hands on the formula.


Most of the filming was done on location in Borehamwood and for the school scenes at Central Primary School, Derby Road, Watford. The film was unique as it was split into six episodes for TV viewing.

  • Episode 1. Into The Unknown.
  • Episode 2. Descent To Danger.
  • Episode 3. The Monster.
  • Episode 4. Pursued.
  • Episode 5. Follow That Skate.
  • Episode 6. The Magic Powder.



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