Professional Publishers Association

The Professional Publishers Association (PPA), formerly known as the Periodical Publishers Association, is a publishing industry body which promotes companies involved in the production of media in the United Kingdom.


Much of the PPA's work is carried out through events, committees and public relations work. Their committees include the Independent Publishers Network (IPN).

The PPA has a branch in Scotland to cater specifically for publishing businesses in that region.[1]

The PPA accredits some university journalism and publishing programmes as well as recommending training suppliers.

The CEO of the PPA is Barry McIlheney, and the current Chairman of the PPA Board is Marcus Rich[2], CEO of TI Media.

The PPA is one of the seventeen Gatekeepers of the United Kingdom Press Card Association.[3][4]

As well as publisher members[5], the PPA runs an Associate Membership Scheme[6] for industry suppliers.


The PPA Awards[7] are run annually to recognise and reward PPA members and non-members in the publishing industry. The awards were relaunched in 2019 for the 39th Annual PPA Awards to incorporate and amalgamate the PPA Customer Direct Awards, the PPA MagSell Awards and the PPA Digital Awards to create a Grand Prix event.[8]

The PPA Festival[9] is an annual all-day conference for the publishing industry including sessions from industry heads across multiple stages throughout the day.

The PPA New Talent/30 Under 30 Awards[10] are annual awards to recognise and reward thirty young professionals within the publishing industry under the age of 30.

The PPA Independent Publisher Conference & Awards[11] is an all-day conference specifically aimed at the independent publishers in the publishing industry, and an awards night to celebrate the successes of independent publishers.

The PPA also run numerous breakfast briefings with their associate members for their publisher members (for example, one with Woodwing/Evolved Media[12]).


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