Prix Versailles

The Prix Versailles is a series of architectural prizes which are discerned annually. It identifies as the world architecture and design award.[1]

Prix Versailles
Prix Versailles 2019
Awarded forArchitecture and design
Presented byWorld Prix Versailles Organization
First awarded2015


Since its creation in 2015, the Prix has been presented at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, acknowledging achievements in various forms of architecture.

Synergies between culture and economics

The Prix initially focused on commercial buildings, with the declared aim of fostering a better mix of the economic and cultural domains.[2] Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, declared on 19 June 2015, "The Prix Versailles is one of the ways to shine light on the intersection between creation, art and economics".[3]

Expanded scope

After beginning with shops & stores, hotels and restaurants, the Prix expanded to include shopping malls in 2017,[2][4] followed by the categories of university campuses, passenger stations and sports facilities in 2019.[1] Geographically speaking the Prix recognized French projects in 2015 (with four Prix and special prizes awarded)[3][5] and then went international in 2016 (with nine Prix and special prizes).[6][7] Continental editions were created in 2017,[2][4][8] giving rise in some cases to continental awards ceremonies in 2018.[9][10][11][12]

Purpose and process


The Prix Versailles aims to underscore “the role that economic agents of all sectors may play in beautifying and improving our living environment”.[4][8] It means to promote “the creation of quality spaces in every inhabited area”.[1] Its ambition is for “everyday architecture [to] be a tool for a form of sustainable development including its various components: ecology (green economy) and society and culture (purple economy)”.[1][13]

In 2019, the Prix adopted the motto, “Inspiration, Progress and Inclusion”.[1][14]


Since 2017, the categories of shops & stores, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants have been crowned with continental titles in each of the six Prix regions: Africa and West Asia; Central America, the South and the Caribbean; North America; Central Asia and the Northeast; South Asia and the Pacific; and Europe.[2]

The awards rely on far-reaching calls for submissions and systematic media analyses.[1]

In 2019, the continental editions were supplemented by world selections for the categories of campuses, passenger stations and sports.[1]

Based on continental titles or world selections, an independent judges panel confers the world titles for all the Prix categories. The world results may be announced on different dates by category.[1][15]

The criteria used by the judges include “innovation, creativity, reflection of local, natural and cultural heritage, and ecological efficiency, as well as the values of social interaction and participation which the United Nations holds in high regard”.[1]

Number of continental winnersNumber of selected projectsNumber of world winnersDate of world awards ceremonyLocation of world awards ceremony
Prix Versailles 20151st edition------19 June 2015UNESCO Headquarters
Prix Versailles 20162nd edition----927 May 2016UNESCO Headquarters
Prix Versailles 20173rd edition70--1212 May 2017UNESCO Headquarters
Prix Versailles 20184th edition70--1215 May 2018UNESCO Headquarters
Prix Versailles 20195th edition7118--12 September 2019UNESCO Headquarters


Breakdown of continental winners by country[16][17][14]
RankCountryWinning projects[18]Winning architects[19]Total
1 United States9672214993254
2 China7711257461742
3 France235104892131
4 Mexico365143651428
5 Brazil654155241126
6 United Kingdom121417101822
7 Japan44196321120
8 Singapore54110322717
9 Italy3227414916
10 Thailand3418223715
11 United Arab Emirates43714000014
12 Spain2204241711
13 Argentina1135113510
13 Australia1124222610
13 Chile2215221510
16 Iran130413048
16 Netherlands110213268
18 South Africa120313047
19 Austria101210124
19 Malaysia012301014
19 Vietnam101210124
22 Costa Rica101210013
22 Indonesia002200113
22 Morocco100120023
22 Sweden001110123
22  Switzerland100100223
27 Germany100110012
27 South Korea110200002
27 Egypt010101012
27 Greece010101012
27 India001101012
27 Kuwait001100112
27 Malta001100112
27 New Zealand001100112
27 Oman101200002
27 Pakistan010101012
27 Peru010101012
27 Philippines100110012
27 Turkey001100112
40 Algeria100100001
40 Belgium001100001
40 Bhutan001100001
40 Cambodia100100001
40 Colombia001100001
40 Cuba010100001
40 Denmark000000111
40 Ethiopia100100001
40 Guatemala000000111
40 Kenya010100001
40 Lebanon000010011
40 Maldives100100001
40 Mauritius000001011
40 Namibia001100001
40 Panama001100001
40 Portugal000010011
40 Qatar100100001
40 Russia010100001
40 Rwanda010100001
40 São Tomé and Príncipe001100001
40 Seychelles010100001
40 Sri Lanka010100001

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