Prix Suzanne Bianchetti

The Prix Suzanne Bianchetti is an award in French cinema given annually since 1937 to the most promising young film actress.

The award was created by writer and actor René Jeanne (1887-1969) who served as the director of L'Etablissement Cinématographique des Armées. When his wife, actress Suzanne Bianchetti died in 1936 at the age of 47, he established an award dedicated to her memory to be given annually to the most promising young actress.

The award was given for the first time in 1937 to actress Junie Astor for her performance in the film Women's Club. The award comes in the form of a medallion engraved with Suzanne Bianchetti's image. Since its inception, the Prix Suzanne Bianchetti has been awarded to many of the greatest names in French cinema who went on to national and international stardom.

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