Prithvi Vallabh - Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi

Prithvi Vallabh - Itihaas Bhi, Rahasya Bhi (English: Prithvi Vallabh - History Too, Mystery Too) is 2018 an Indian Hindi historical television series that aired on the weekends on Sony Entertainment Television.[2][3]

Prithvi Vallabh
GenreHistorical Romance
Created byWriter's Galaxy
Based onPrithivivallabh by Kanaiyalal Munshi (partially)[1]
Written byAnirudh Pathak
Manoj Sinha
Ashutosh Kumar
Sweta Mishra
Directed byMaqbool Khan and Animesh Verma
StarringAshish Sharma
Sonarika Bhadoria
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Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes45
Producer(s)Anirudh Pathak
CinematographyArvind Singh
Production company(s)Writer's Galaxy
Original networkSony TV
Picture format
Original release20 January (2018-01-20) 
17 June 2018
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The show is produced by Aniruddh Pathak and the production company Writer's Galaxy. Based on historical kings of Middle kingdoms of India, the story takes inspiration from Prithivivallabh, a Gujarati historical fiction by Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi. The show is the first production of Sony Pictures Networks India's sub-branch, SET Originals. It premiered on 20 January 2018.[1] In Sri Lanka, it airs on TV Derana, dubbed into Sinhala and titled as Pruthivi Maharaja.It is dubbed into Tamil and titled as Kadhal Mannan Prithvi and it airs on Sun Life from 5 August 2019.

The show follows the stories of the prince of Malwa, Prithvi Vallabh and the princess of Manyakhet, Mrinalvati and how their never-supposed-to-be love story unfolds.


Mrinalvati (Mrinal) is the Princess of the Manyakhet Kingdom and her younger brother Tailap is the King of Manyakhet, who are advised by Guru Vinayaditya. Due to the treachery of King Singhdant of the Malwa Kingdom, which killed the entire royal family except Mrinal and Tailap, Mrinal has dedicated her life to getting revenge against Singhdant. She sends some African mercenaries to attack Malwa, but they are stopped by Prithvi Vallabh(Munj), the adopted son of Singhdant and the Yuvraj of Malwa.

After a successful alliance with the King of Devgiri, Bhilam, Mrinal decides to secretly attack Malwa with foreign explosives and also kill Singhdant during the anticipated Rang-Utsav of Malwa. There she meets Prithvi, who immediately falls in love with her and uses him to get to Singhdant. Their plan is successful, but she is not able to kill Singhdant. Prithvi follows Mrinal and throws his sword at her, but she escapes. There is huge loss of life and property in Malwa and because of this, Prithvi is banished from the Kingdom.

He goes to the place where Singhdant had found him in order to know the truth about his birth. An old lady informs Prithvi that she had found him in the forest and when she shouted whose child that was, the legendary Gajakesari appeared. Meanwhile, Tailap is in love with a courtesan named Kosha, because of which, his wife, the Queen of Manyakhet, Jakkala gets very jealous. Mrinal fixes the marriage of Bhilam-Raj's daughter, Vilas with Tailap's son, Prince Satyashray.

Mrinal asks Tailap to attack Malwa as it is in a weak state. In the battle, the son of Singhant, Yuvraj Sindhuraj is about to lose against Tailap, but the Commander of Malwa, Kallari, and Prithvi come to his aid. Malwa wins the battle. War prisoner Tailap is released by Prithvi, whom Singhdant has made the new King of Malwa. Mrinal is unable to bear this humiliation and goes to Africa and hires a very strong army including giants. Meanwhile, Prithvi invites Sindhu's son, Prince Bhoj back from his Gurukul in order to participate in the next battle.

The battle starts as Mrinal refuses to accept peace. Prithvi and his men are successful in killing all the giants and major part of Manyakhet's army during the night. The next day, Prithvi and Mrinal engage in a duel in which Prithvi beats Mrinal and takes her as Malwa's hostage. In Malwa, Mrinal again tries to kill Singhdant, but is unsuccessful. Mahakay and Sindhu, along with Mulraj, plot to have Mrinal kidnapped when she would be taken to the prison. Prithvi decides to do something in order to change Mrinal's heart. Thus, he kidnaps her with the assistance of Daku Dharti Singh.

During the kidnapping, Prithvi cuts Mulraj's hand. News reach Mahakay and he asks Mulraj to kill Mrinal and put the blame on Prithvi, but Mrinal and Prithvi both escape successfully. They again meet that old lady who gives them shelter in the forest where Prithvi saves Mrinal from a snake. By looking at his bravery and kindness, Mrinal falls in love with Prithvi. Prithvi believing Mrinal, takes her to princess Amrusha and thereafter a new friendship between Amrusha and Mrinal begins. Leaving Mrinal to Amrusha, Prithvi sets out to Malwa to convey the good news to his father. On his way, he comes to know that Kalari had been captured and sets out to free him. Mrinal, on the other hand, reveals to Sulochana that it was all her plan to kill Singhdant by trapping Prithvi. Meanwhile, Sindhu, led astray by Mahakay, decides to invite Mrinal to Malwa in Prithvi's absence and succeeds in his mission. The same night, he kills Singhdant and blames Mrinal for the same. Rajmata Vatra, believing the same, orders to arrest both Prithvi and Mrinal, after which both are imprisoned. During the funeral for Singhdant, Sindhuraj is made the next king of Malwa after which he insults Mrinal and sentences her to death.

When Sindhu is about to light the funeral pyre, Rajmata asks him to stop and asks Prithvi to do the same. Later she reveals the actual truth of Singhdant's murder, shocking everyone. Prithvi gets his post back and saves Mrinal from execution and takes her to Malwa as she falls unconscious. Tailap, on the other hand, knowing about his sister's state sets out to free her with the help of the neighbouring kingdoms. Later, Prithvi forgives Sindhu and refuses to punish him for his crime. Tailap reaches Malwa where he is welcomed by Prithvi to his surprise with the proposal of peace and friendship and takes him to Mrinal. She wakes up recalling the insult to her and refuses to accept Prithvi's proposal of peace and, in anger, slaps Prithvi. As she is about to leave, Amrusha intervenes and try to persuade Mrinal, but in vain. Meanwhile, Prince Satyashraya returns from his Gurukul and is introduced to his would-be wife Vilas, after which he tortures her emotionally.

Back at Malwa, Sindhu tries to kill himself, but is saved by Prithvi after which everyone forgives him. Mrinal, on the other undergoes emotional trauma thinking about Sindhu's insulting words, but is comforted by Guru Aditya. After this, Prithvi goes to meet Van Amma to learn the secret of his birth and identity who advises him to go to Mrinal to know the truth of Gajakesari. Everyone refuses to let Prithvi go to Manyaket, but he is stubborn and so left with no other option, Rajmata tells that she would let Prithvi go if Kalari gives permission. Kalari challenges Prithvi to a duel if he wants his permission. Satyashraya tortures Vilas again, but this time is caught by Sulochana who promises Vilas that she would not reveal the truth to Mrinal until she wishes to. The very next day, he tries to misbehave with Vilas for which he is brutally punished by Mrinal and is made to apologise to Vilas and her family. Prithvi defeats Kalari in the duel and sets off to Manyakhet and is accompanied by Bhoj and Rasiniti. Back in Manyakhet, Vikramjeet, the brother of Bhilam Raj, makes his entry. Prithvi, on reaching Manyakhet, proposes marriage to Mrinal, shocking everyone and is insulted by Mrinal again. After this incident, Prithvi stays in Manyaket. It is then that Bhoj meets Vilas, who had actually come to meet Prithvi, and is instantly drawn to her. That very day, Mrinal comes to meet Prithvi in his tent and puts forward the condition of beheading his family members in exchange for her marriage with him. Prithvi, undeterred by her words, asks her permission to stay until Diwali to which she agrees and also invites him for dinner at the palace.



  • Ashish Sharma as Prithvi Vallabh (Vakpati Munjraj) / Dhaku Dharti Singh / Gajj Kesari / Munj, King of Malwa (Main Male Lead)
  • Mukesh Rishi as Sena Adhyaksh Kallari, Chief of Malwa's Army, King Prithvi's teacher, mentor and Father-figure
  • Sheezan Mohd as Yuvraj Bhoj, Crown Prince of Malwa, King Prithvi's beloved Nephew, Son of Prince Sindhuraja
  • Seema Biswas as Vandevi, Mentor and Mother-like Friend of King Prithvi, Tribal Lady who first found Prithvi in the forest, identified him as Gajj Kesari, prophesied his greatness and handed his responsibility to King Singhdant and Kallari
  • Sunil Kumar Palwal as Sindhuraj, Prince of Malwa, King Prithvi's younger brother, Crown Prince Bhoj's father
  • Shalini Kapoor as Rajmata Vazda, Mother of King Prithvi Vallabh, Malwa's Queen Mother
  • Pawan Chopra as Raja Singhdant, King Prithvi and Prince Sindhuraja's father, former King of Malwa
  • Ankush Bali as Rasnidhi, Court Poet of Malwa, Close Friend of King Prithvi
  • Alefia Kapadia as Princess Savitri, Prince Sindhuraj's wife, Mother of Crown Prince Bhoj


  • Sonarika Bhadoria as Warrior Princess Mrinalvati (Mrinal), King Tailap's Elder Sister, the greatest Warrior of Manyakhet, legendary Regent of Manyakhet (Main Female Lead)
  • Jitin Gulati as Tailapraj, King of Manyakhet, Princess Mrinalvati's younger brother
  • Swati Rajput as Sulochana, one of the greatest warriors in the history of Manyakhet, Chief of Princess Mrinal's personal Army and Spies, closest and most trusted ally of Princess Mrinal
  • Surendra Pal as Guru Vinayaditya, Princess Mrinal and King Tailap's Mentor and Foster Father
  • Piyali Munshi as Maharani Jakkala, Queen of Manyakhet, Mother of Crown Prince Satyashraya, Sister of Queen Lakshmi of Devgiri
  • Divyanganaa Jain as Kosha, King Tailap's Mistress
  • Yunus Khan as Rajkumar Satyashraya, Crown Prince of Manyakhet
  • Shweta Dadhich as Mausi, Kosha's Aunt and Foster Mother
  • Narendra Jha as Deceased King of Manyakhet, Father of Princess Mrinal and King Tailap (Cameo)
  • Gurdeep Kohli as Ujjwala, Deceased Queen of Manyakhet, Princess Mrinal and King Tailap's Mother (Cameo)


  • Ishita Ganguly as Rajkumari Amrusha, Princess of Ujjain, King Prithvi's childhood best friend (Parallel Female Lead)


  • Ashnoor Kaur as Rajkumari Vilasvati (Vilas)-Princess of Devgiri.
  • Geetanjali Mishra as Rani Lakshmi-Queen of Devgiri, younger Sister of Manyakhet's Queen Jakkala.
  • Yashodhan Rana as Him Raj.
  • Ankit Arora as Vikramjeet-Brother of Devgiri's King, Prime Minister of Manyakhet.
  • Puja Banerjee as Vikramjeet’s wife.


International Broadcast

  • Kadhal Mannan Prithvi (காதல் மன்னன் பிரித்வி) in Tamil, brodcast on Sun Life from 5 August 2019.
  • วัลลัภมหาราชรักสุดแผ่นดิน in Thai, broadcast on Channel 8
  • ကေသရာဇာနှလုံးသား in Myanmar, broadcast on 5 Plus.


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