Princess Maria Adelaide of Savoy-Genoa

Princess Adelaide of Savoy-Genoa[1][2] (Maria Adelaide Vittoria Amelia; 25 April 1904 – 2 August 1979), was a daughter of Prince Thomas, Duke of Genoa and Princess Isabella of Bavaria.[3]

Maria Adelaide
Princess Leone Massimo of Arsoli
Born(1904-04-25)25 April 1904
Turin, Italy
Died2 August 1979(1979-08-02) (aged 75)
Rome, Italy
SpouseLeone Massimo, Principe di Arsoli
IssueIsabella Massimo di Arsoli
Filippo Massimo di Arsoli
Ferdinando Massimo di Arsoli
Carlo Massimo di Arsoli
Maria Eleonora Massimo di Arsoli
Francesco Massimo di Arsoli
Full name
Italian: Maria Adelaide Vittoria Amelia
HouseHouse of Savoy-Genoa (by birth)
House of Arsoli (by marriage)
FatherPrince Thomas, Duke of Genoa
MotherPrincess Isabella of Bavaria
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Family and early life

Adelaide was the fifth of six children born to Prince Thomas, Duke of Genoa and his wife Princess Isabella of Bavaria.[1] Her father was a grandson of King Charles Albert of Sardinia.[1] Among her siblings were Ferdinando, 3rd Duke of Genoa; Filiberto, 4th Duke of Genoa; and Eugenio, 5th Duke of Genoa.[1] Her mother Isabella was a granddaughter of Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Through her aunt Margherita of Savoy, she was a cousin of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.[1]


On 15 July 1935 she married Leone Massimo (1896 in Rome — 1979 in Rome), son of Camillo Francesco Massimo, 4th Principe di Arsoli and donna Eleonora Brancaccio. Leone was the 5th Prince of Arsoli, the 9th Marquis of Roccasecca, Baron of Pisterzo, Lord of Intrafiumara, Nobile of Tivoli and Velletri and 2nd Duke of Anticoli Corrado. Her husband was also a great-grandson of Princess Caroline of Naples and Sicily. They had six children:

  • Isabella Massimo di Arsoli (born 5 June 1936 in Rome), married on 4 October 1964 in Arsoli, Prince Francesco Maria di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli, Count of Carpegna (27 April 1924 in Rome — 25 May 2007 in Rome), son of Prince Ulderico Orazio di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli, Count of Carpegna, and donna Anna Maria Giusso del Galdo. They had four children:
    • Prince Antonio di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli, Count of Carpegna (born 23 August 1965 in Rome), married on 17 June 2006 in Tricase, Baroness Clara Polissena Winspeare Guicciardi (born 29 November 1966 in Klagenfurt), daughter of Baron Riccardo Carlo Winspeare Guicciardi and Princess Elisabeth of Liechtenstein. They have two children:
      • Elena di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli (born 18 October 2007 in Tricase)
      • Filippo di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli (born 2 September 2009 in Tricase)
    • Giovanni di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli, Count of Carpegna (born 19 December 1966 in Rome), married on 1 August 2015 in Orvieto, Paola Di Giacomo (born 7 March 1974 in Terni). They have one son:
      • Augusto Nicola di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli (born 4 November 2016 in Rome)
    • Tommaso di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli, Count of Carpegna (born 21 February 1968 in Rome), married on 14 June 1997 in Forte dei Marmi, Countess Anna Zileri Dal Verme degli Obbizi (born 21 July 1969 in Florence), daughter of Count Paolo Zileri Dal Verme degli Obizzi, and Nobile Lavinia Assettati. They have three children:
      • Livia di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli (born 21 September 1999 in Rome)
      • Sofia di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli (born 22 Novembre 2001 in Rome)
      • Vittoria di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli (born 25 June 2005 in Rome)
    • Caterina di Carpegna Falconieri Gabrielli (born 23 August 1970 in Rome), married Nobile Guglielmo Masetti Zannini (born 4 November 1967 in Rome), son of Nobile Gianlodovico Masetti Zannini and donna Eleonora di Napoli Rampolla Barrese Bellacera
  • Filippo Massimo di Arsoli, 6th Prince of Arsoli (born 29 September 1938 in Agliè), married on 4 April 1962 in Rome, Maria Luigia Capparella (born 15 August 1942 in Rome), daughter of Pietro Capparella. They have two children, but Filippo also has illegitimate issue:
    • Fabrizio Massimo Brancaccio, 7th Prince of Arsoli, Prince of Triggiano and Roviano (born 28 October 1963 in Rome), married in 1999, Ilaria Bottini (born 1967 or 1968), daughter of Giuseppe Bottini and Silvia Fontana. Divorced in 2002. They have three children, but Fabrizio also has illegitimate issue:
      • Marcantonio Massimo Brancaccio (born 10 December 1999 in Rome)
      • Barbara Massimo Brancaccio (born 10 December 1999 in Rome)
      • Olimpia Massimo Brancaccio (born November 2001 in Rome)
    • Barbara Massimo (born 4 June 1965 in Rome)
  • Ferdinando Massimo di Arsoli (born 20 January 1940 in Rome), married on 4 June 1977 in Cefalù, Maresti Savona (born 1 October 1943 in Cefalù), daughter of Baldassarre Savona and Maria Cristina Catalfamo. They have two children:
    • Ascanio Massimo (born 25 July 1978 in Rome)
    • Lavinia Massimo (born 25 July 1978 in Rome), married on 7 July 2015 in Rome, Filippo Cammarano Guerritore di Ravello (born 1966)
  • Carlo Massimo di Arsoli (born 3 July 1942 in Rome), married on 8 October 1989 in Rome, doña Elisa Osorio de Moscoso y Estanga (born 31 March 1946 in Madrid), daughter of Pedro Osorio de Moscoso, Duke of Montemar, and doña Elisa de Estanga y Cologan-Franchi
  • Maria Eleonora Massimo di Arsoli (born 30 March 1944 in Rome), married on 7 October 1972 in Arsoli, Giuseppe Gustavo Ricci Paracciani Bergamini (born 7 February 1934 in Milan), son of Ugo Bergamini and Maria Amalia Lanza Manzanillo. They have one daughter:
    • Elena Ricci Paracciani Bergamini (born 30 July 1973 in Rome)
  • Francesco Massimo di Arsoli (born 15 July 1946 in Rome), married on 16 July 1977 in Rome, Camillavelia Jacuzzi Ristori (born 29 January 1937 in Rome), daughter of Rodolfo Jacuzzi Ristori and Amalia Vinca


Titles, styles, and honours

Titles and styles

  • 25 April 1904 – 15 July 1935: Her Royal Highness Princess Adelaide of Savoy-Genoa
  • 15 July 1935 - 8 February 1979: Her Royal Highness Princess Adelaide of Arsoli



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