Princess Cinderella

Princess Cinderella (Italian: Cenerentola e il signor Bonaventura) is a 1941 Italian fantasy-comedy film written and directed by Sergio Tofano.It is based on the characters of the popular comic strip series Signor Bonaventura, created in 1917 by the same Tofano for the children magazine Corriere dei Piccoli.[1][2]

Princess Cinderella
Directed bySergio Tofano
Written byEdoardo Anton
Vittorio Metz
Sergio Tofano
StarringPaolo Stoppa
Silvana Jachino
Music byRenzo Rossellini
CinematographyManfredo Bertini
Release date
  • 1941 (1941)


After her marriage to Prince Charming, Cinderella spends her days in their luxurious palace, keeping his affability with all the people around her, but her two stepsisters, always envious of her, manage to get her away from the palace. The Prince falls into a state of despair, but Bonaventura promises him to go in search of the girl and bring her back. After fighting bitter enemies such as Barbariccia and the Ogre, helped by the loyal Cecè and by the Little Fairy he will finally succeed.



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