Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue

Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue, established in 1966, is the 2nd largest career fire department in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The department serves Prince William County, which is part of the Washington Metropolitan Area. The County encompasses a total area of 348 square miles (900 km2) and includes within its boundaries the independent cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. It also includes four incorporated towns, Dumfries, Haymarket, Quantico and Occoquan. The current population of Prince William County is 460,023 (as of 2017 estimate).

Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue
Agency overview
Annual budget$167 million (FY20)
Fire chiefTimothy L. Keen
EMS levelALS and BLS
Facilities and equipment
Trucks11 ( 7 frontline 4 Academy/ Reserve
Ambulances14 Medic Units and 23 BLS Units
Light and air2


The Department of Fire and Rescue has four main sections to provide service to the Prince William County. These sections are Office of the Chief, Community Safety, Operations, and Systems Support.

Office of the Chief

Chief serves as the head of the Prince William County Fire and Rescue System and, as the chief executive of the Prince William County Fire and Rescue System governance structure, is responsible for overseeing and leading the Fire and Rescue System pursuant to Prince William County Code Chapter 9.2.

Community Safety

The Community Safety section's primary responsibility is to reduce hazards that contribute to the cause and spread of fire. This area of responsibility is demonstrated through code enforcement, fire and explosion investigations, fire protection system and plan reviews, community fire and life safety education and emergency management.


The Operations section of the department is responsible for response to fire, emergency medical, hazardous materials and citizen assist calls. This section is also responsible for basic and advanced pre-hospital emergency medical care, fire hazardous materials incident mitigation and health and safety services for department members.

Systems Support

The Department's Systems Support section is an internal customer service provider. The Systems Support section manages department programs and activities from "behind the scenes". This section includes human resources, training, administrative support, budgeting and accounting, planning and analysis, information technology, logistical support and communications. Both uniform and non-uniform members staff this section, providing an eclectic mix of internal services to the department and its members.


Traffic Signal Preemption

All traffic signals in Prince William County are equipped with traffic signal preemption system is a type of system that allows the normal operation of traffic lights to be preempted. It allows system is to manipulate traffic signals in the path of an emergency vehicle, halting conflicting traffic and allowing the emergency vehicle right-of-way, to help reduce response times and enhance traffic safety.

Prince William County Fire Stations

Units staffed exclusively by volunteers indicated with a (V).

Station # Location Staffing Fire Units EMS Units Battalion Management Specialty Units
Engine Truck Tanker Rescue Medic Unit Ambulance Battalion Chief Safety Officer
502 Botts Career & Volunteer E502, E502B R502 A502, A502B Collapse 502, Boat 502
503F Triangle Career & Volunteer E503, E503B K503 (V) R503 Command 503 (V)
503R Dumfries Career M503
504 Gainesville Career E504, E504B R504 M504 BATT501 Collapse 504, Brush 504
505 Nokesville Career & Volunteer E505, E505B K505 A505 (V), A505B (V) Brush 505
506 Coles Career E506 K506 R506 A506, A506B SF502 HazMat506, Brush 506
507 Lake Jackson Career & Volunteer E507, E507B K507 M507 A507 (V) Boat 507, Boat Support 507, Brush 507
508 Yorkshire Career & Volunteer E508, E508B R508 M508 A508 (V)
510 Birchdale Career & Volunteer E510, E510B R510 A510, A510B Technical Support Unit 510
511 Stonewall Jackson Career & Volunteer E511, E511B T511 M511 A511 (V), A511B (V) BATT504
512 Spicer Career & Volunteer E512, E512B TW512 M512 A512, A512B (V) Brush 512, Light & Air 512 (V)
513 Hillendale Career & Volunteer E513 TW513 A513
514 Hedges Run Career & Volunteer E514, E514B M514 Boat 514, Fan Unit 514
515 Evergreen Career E515, E515B K515 Brush 515, Light & Air 515
516 Buckhall Career & Volunteer E516, E516B K516 A516 (V) HazMat Support 516, Brush 516
517 Montclair Career E517, E517B M517 Boat 517
518 Princedale Career E518, E518B M518 Rehab 518, Brush 518
519 Training Academy Career E591, E592, E593 T519, T591 M519 Gator 519
520 Prince William Commons Career & Volunteer E520, E520B T520 M520 A520 (V)
522 Groveton (Future Station) Career
523 River Oaks Career E523, E523B T523 M523 BATT503 MCSU523
524 Antioch Career E524, E524B T524 M524 Boat 524, MCSU524
525 Bristow Career & Volunteer E525, E525B TW525 M525 A525 (V), A525B (V) SF501 Brush 525, Canteen 525 (V)
526 Davis Ford Career E526, E526B M526 BATT502 Brush 526
527 Potomac Shores (Future) Career


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