Prince Vittorio Amedeo Teodoro of Savoy

Vittorio Amedeo Theodore of Savoy (Prince Vittorio Amedeo Theodore; 7 March 1723 – 11 August 1725) was a prince of Savoy and Duke of Aosta.[1] He was born in the reign of his grandfather Victor Amadeus II, King of Sardinia.

Prince Vittorio Amedeo Theodore
Duke of Aosta
Prince Vittorio Amedeo, by Maria Giovanna Clementi.
Born(1723-03-07)7 March 1723
Royal Palace of Turin, Turin
Died(1725-08-11)11 August 1725 (aged 2)
Royal Palace of Turin, Turin
FatherCharles Emmanuel III of Sardinia
MotherAnne Christine of Sulzbach


Prince Vittorio Amedeo was born at the Royal Palace of Turin, he was a son of Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia and his first wife Anne Christine of Sulzbach. He was styled as the Duke of Aosta from birth till his death.[2] He was the first-born son of his parents and was second in line to the throne (after his father) from his birth, which was greeted with much celebration. He died on 11 August 1725, at the age of 2.

His father had another son with his second wife also named Victor Amadeus, Duke of Savoy, in his honor.


Titles and styles

  • 7 March 1723 – 11 August 1725 His Royal Highness The Duke of Aosta


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