Prince Edward Island Route 6

Prince Edward Island Route 6 is a secondary highway in central Prince Edward Island.

Route 6
Route information
Maintained by Prince Edward Island Transportation and Public Works
Length68.7 km[1] (42.7 mi)
Major junctions
West end Route 2 / Route 20 in Kensington
  Route 8 / Route 20 at New London

Route 13 in Cavendish
Route 7 at Oyster Bed Bridge
Route 15 at Brackley Beach
Route 25A at West Covehead

Route 25 at Covehead and Stanhope
East end Route 2 at Bedford Corner
CountiesPrince, Queens
Highway system
Provincial highways in Prince Edward Island
Route 5Route 7

Route 6 begins in Kensington at the junction of Routes 2 and 20, bearing east. It passes the community of New London before turning at a roundabout in Stanley Bridge. It is the main road through Cavendish, meeting Route 13 in the town, then turning south towards North Rustico. It meets Route 7 at Oyster Bed Bridge, turning east once again. Route 6 is co-signed with Route 15 for 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) south of Brackley Beach, then Route 6 proceeds east through Covehead and Stanhope, cosigned with Route 25 for 1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi). It turns south once again near Grand Tracadie before terminating at Route 2 at Bedford Corner, near Dunstaffnage.[2]

Major intersections

PrinceKensington0.00.0 Route 2 west (Victoria Street) Summerside
Route 2 east / Route 20 north (Broadway Street) Charlottetown, Malpeque
Western terminus
0.070.043 Route 101 north (Woodleigh Drive) Park Corner
Margate4.52.8 Route 104 north
Prince—Queens county line5.03.1 Route 233 south (County Line Road)
QueensClinton100.462.4 Route 107 south (Kerrytown Road)
New London11.37.0 Route 20 north / Route 8 south (Grahams Road) French River, Summerfield
12.88.0 Route 238 (Fountain Road / Campbellton Road)
Stanley Bridge15.29.4 Route 238 north (Campbellton Road)
15.99.9 Route 254 south (Rattenbury Road) North Granville, Springfield
Route 224 east (St. Marys Road) Hope River, New Glasgow
Cavendish20.312.6Grahams Lane
22.914.2 Route 13 (to West Gulf Shore Parkway) Prince Edward Island National Park, New Glasgow, Hunter River
North Rustico30.018.6Harbourview Drive (to West Gulf Shore Parkway) Prince Edward Island National Park
26.816.7 Route 269 west (Line Road)
Rusticoville29.218.1 Route 258 west New Glasgow
35.021.7 Route 243 north (Buntain Road)
South Rustico36.022.4 Route 243 (Church Road)
36.322.6 Route 242 west (Grand Pere Point Road)
39.324.4 Route 242 west (Grand Pere Point Road)
Oyster Bed Bridge41.625.8 Route 7 south (Rustico Road) / Route 251 west (Crooked Creek Road) Charlottetown, Wheatley RiverRoundabout
42.126.2 Route 223 south (Winsloe Road)
Brackley Beach45.528.3 Route 15 north Prince Edward Island National ParkWest end of Route 15 concurrency
Brackley Point48.029.8 Route 15 south CharlottetownEast end of Route 15 concurrency
49.931.0 Route 221 south (Union Road)
50.831.6 Route 252 east (MacMillan Point Road)
West Covehead52.032.3 Route 252 west (MacMillan Point Road)
52.532.6 Route 25A south (West Covehead Road)
Covehead53.633.3 Route 25 south CharlottetownWest end of Route 25 concurrency
Stanhope55.534.5 Route 25 north Covehead Harbour, Prince Edward Island National ParkEast end of Route 25 concurrency
Dalvay58.936.6Gulf Shore Parkway Prince Edward Island National Park
Grand Tracadie60.437.5 Route 220 south (Pleasant Grove Road)
63.739.6 Route 219 east (Donaldson Road)
Millcove65.840.9 Route 229 west (Millcove Road / Dougan Road)
Bedford Corner68.742.7 Route 2 Souris, Charlottetown
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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