Prince Carlo Francesco of Savoy

Carlo Francesco of Savoy (Carlo Francesco Maria Augusto; 1 December 1738 25 March 1745) was a prince of Savoy and Duke of Aosta.[1] He was born in the reign of his father Charles Emmanuel III, King of Sardinia.

Prince Carlo Francesco
Duke of Aosta
Painting of Carlo of Savoy, Duke of Aosta by Unknown (probably Maria Giovanna Clementi).
Born(1738-12-01)1 December 1738
Palace of Venaria, Turin
Died(1745-03-25)25 March 1745 (aged 7)
Royal Palace, Turin
Full name
Carlo Francesco Maria Augusto di Savoia
FatherCharles Emmanuel III of Sardinia
MotherElisabeth Therese of Lorraine


Prince Carlo was born at the Palace of Venaria, Turin. He was the first child of his father Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia and Élisabeth Thérèse of Lorraine. His mother died giving birth to his brother Prince Benedetto, named after Pope Benedict XIV who became pope the year before his birth.

At the time of his birth, he was third in line to the Sardinian throne after his father and his oldest half brother Victor Amadeus, Duke of Savoy. His paternal cousins included Louis XV of France, the future Ferdinand VI of Spain and the Prince of Carignan. His maternal cousin's included the future Queen of Naples and the famous Marie Antoinette.

He died in Turin aged 7, and was buried at Royal Basilica of Superga, Turin.


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