Prime Minister of Gabon

This is a list of prime ministers of Gabon since the formation of the post of Prime Minister in 1960, to the present day.

Prime Minister of the
Gabonese Republic
Julien Nkoghe Bekale

since 12 January 2019
AppointerAli Bongo Ondimba,
as President of Gabon
Inaugural holderLéon M'ba
Formation17 August 1960
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A total of eleven people have served as Prime Minister.

Description of the office

The President of the Republic nominates the Prime Minister.[1]

The President may terminate the Prime Minister’s post, of his own initiative or by the Prime Minister’s presentation of his or her resignation from the Government, or following a vote of disapproval or the adoption of a motion of censure by the National Assembly.[1]

By proposal, the Prime Minister may nominate other members of the Government and terminate their posts.[1]

The Prime Minister may stand in for the President by express authorization and for a determined agenda.[2]

Within forty-five (45) days, after the nomination and deliberation of the Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister will present before the National Assembly his or her general policy program that will lead to an open debate, followed by a vote of confidence. The vote is obtained by an absolute majority of the members of the National Assembly.[3]

The Prime Minister directs the actions of the Government. He or she assures the execution of the laws. According to the conditions of Article 20 mentioned above, the Prime Minister exercises regulatory power and nominates civil and military posts of the State. The Prime Minister stands in for the President of the Republic in the aforementioned situations. He or she may delegate certain powers to other members of Government.[4]

A replacement for the Prime Minister is assured by a member of the Government designated by a decree of the President of the Republic, according to the order of nomination of the decree that arranged the composition of the Government.[4]

The Minister taking over the duties of the Prime Minister in the interim is temporarily invested with the full rights and powers of the position.[4]

The actions of the Prime Minister are to be countersigned by the members of the Government charged with their execution.[4]

The Prime Minister is the Chief of Government.[5]


Political parties
Other factions


No. Prime Minister
Portrait Term of office Political affiliation President(s)
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Léon M'ba
17 August 1960 21 February 1961 188 days BDG Himself
Post abolished (21 February 1961 – 16 April 1975)
2 Léon Mébiame
16 April 1975 3 May 1990 15 years, 17 days PDG O. Bongo Ondimba
3 Casimir Oyé-Mba
3 May 1990 2 November 1994 4 years, 183 days Independent O. Bongo Ondimba
4 Paulin Obame-Nguema
2 November 1994 23 January 1999 4 years, 82 days PDG O. Bongo Ondimba
5 Jean-François Ntoutoume Emane
23 January 1999 20 January 2006 6 years, 362 days PDG O. Bongo Ondimba
6 Jean Eyeghé Ndong
20 January 2006 17 July 2009 3 years, 178 days PDG O. Bongo Ondimba
Divungi Di Ndinge
7 Paul Biyoghé Mba
17 July 2009 27 February 2012 2 years, 225 days PDG Rogombé
A. Bongo Ondimba
8 Raymond Ndong Sima
27 February 2012 27 January 2014 1 year, 334 days PDG A. Bongo Ondimba
9 Daniel Ona Ondo
27 January 2014 28 September 2016 2 years, 245 days PDG A. Bongo Ondimba
10 Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet
28 September 2016 12 January 2019[lower-alpha 1] 2 years, 104 days PDG A. Bongo Ondimba
11 Julien Nkoghe Bekale
12 January 2019 Incumbent 341 days PDG A. Bongo Ondimba


  1. Replaced in the aftermath of the 2019 coup d'état attempt.

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