Prima televize

Prima televize (previously Prima family, originally Premiéra) is a Czech private television station. Its channel is broadcast from Prague. Its current owner is FTV Prima, spol. s r. o., general manager Marek Singer.

FTV Prima
Launched26 November 1992 (test broadcast)
20 April 1993 (official broadcast)
Owned byFTV Prima
Audience share4.3% (April 2012, Anne[1])
CountryCzech Republic
Sister channel(s)Prima Cool, R1, Prima love

The channel has been broadcast since 26 November 1992. First only in Prague and Central Bohemia under the name FTV Premiéra; later Premiéra TV. It has held a broadcasting licence since 1994 with a condition that a part of the broadcasting time will be used for local and regional broadcasters. But in fact their total proportion of local programming has been gradually lowered. Since 1997, the name of station has been Prima televize (which in Czech means "cool television"). In 2003, Prima's broadcasting licence was extended until 28 June 2018.

In autumn 2005, a 50% stake was purchased by MTG.,[2] since this date, the channel has also aired many new western TV series such as Bones, Heroes, The Closer, Medium, Criminal Minds, Monk and many more, although Prima has many years of broadcasting of German and French crime series. See the Foreign series section.

Renaming into Prima family

As 31 October 2011, Prima's owner reported the channel's cancellation as of 1 January 2012.[3] Prima TV has ended and since 4:47 AM is substituted by Prima family. Its first show was Finding Nemo.


The network has been criticised for its biased anti-migrant position during the European migrant crisis.[4]


Foreign series

Telenovelas broadcast in past

Foreign children series and its broadcast history

Original Prima shows

Reality shows

Game shows

Periodical shows

  • Autosalon (motorcar magazine, Saturday mornings)
  • Prima SVĚT (international stories magazine, Sunday mornings)
  • Partie (political discussion, Sundays 11:00–11:45 am)
  • Receptář prima nápadů (do-it-yourself magazine, Sundays 12:00–1:00 pm)
  • Minuty regionu ("Minutes of a region", weekdays 5:40–5:50 pm)
  • Regionální zpravodajství ("Regional news", weekdays 5:40–5:50 pm)
  • Fakta Barbory Tachecí ("Facts", weekdays 5:50–6:00 pm)
  • Prostřeno (cooking show, based on Come Dine with Me, weekdays 6:00–6:55 pm)
  • Jak se staví sen ("How you build a dream", Saturdays 6:00–7:00 pm)
  • S Italem v kuchyni (cooking show, Sundays 6:00–7:00 pm)
  • Velké zprávy ("Main news", every day 6:55–7:40 pm)
  • Divošky ("Wild broadcast", every day 7:40–7:55 pm)
  • TOP STAR ("TOP STAR", every day 7:55–8:15 pm)
  • Hádej, kdo jsem (show, Mondays 8:00–9:15 pm)
  • Top Star magazín (periodical about celebrities, Wednesdays 9:15–10:25 pm)
  • Show Jana Krause (talk show, Fridays 9:45 pm)[5]
  • Partička (improvisation comedial show, Mondays 10:45 pm)


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