Prima Cool

Prima Cool is TV Prima's second channel. It is targeted primarily at young male audiences.

Prima Cool
Launched1 April 2009
Owned byFTV Prima
CountryCzech Republic

Prima Cool is a private Czech television station.

Prima Cool launched on April 1, 2009 as TV Prima's new digital channel. It is available on Czech DVB-T multiplex 2, where it is freely broadcast (covering up to 72% of the population of the Czech republic, mainly in Bohemia). The channel is also broadcast through DVB-S on satellite Astra 1G, and available on cable TV (in all packages, due to the must-carry law). It is also known as "Ninja Warrior"


  • Ratings in December 2009 were about a 1.3% share (eighth/ninth place).
  • Ratings in April 2010 were a more than 2.0% share (eighth/ninth place).
  • Ratings in June 2011 were a more than 3.9% share (sixth/seventh place).
  • Ratings in March 2012 were a more than 6.5% share (fourth place)[1]



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