Prevention of Crime Act 1959

The Prevention of Crime Act 1959 (Malay: Akta Pencegahan Jenayah 1959) is a Malaysian law which enacted to deal with crime prevention and for the control of criminals, members of secret societies, terrorists and other undesirable persons. Persons detained under the Act were not precluded from making a claim 'Habeas Corpus' (a court order to release the person detained is not in accordance with legal procedures that should be). Originally, POCA only came into force in peninsular Malaysia.

Prevention of Crime Act 1959
CitationAct 297
Territorial extentThroughout Malaysia
Enacted1959 (F.M. Ordinance No. 13 of 1959)
Revised: 1983 (Act 297 w.e.f. 19 January 1984)
Effective1 April 1959, L.N. 85/1959
Amended by
Prevention of Crime (Amendment) Act 1960 [Act 26/1960]
Prevention of Crime (Amendment) Act 1966 [Act 6/1966]
Societies Act 1966 [Act 13/1966]
Interpretation Act 1967 [Act 23/1967]
Registration of Criminals and Undesirable Persons Act 1969 [Act 7]
Malaysian Currency (Ringgit) Act 1975 [Act 160]
Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment and Extension) Act 1976 [Act A324]
Restricted Residence (Repeal) Act 2011 [Act 734]
Prevention of Crime (Amendment and Extension) Act 2014 [Act A1459]
Prevention of Crime (Amendment of First and Second Schedule) Order 2014 [P.U. (A) 122/2014]
Prevention of Crime (Amendment) Act 2015 [Act A1484]
Prevention of Crime (Amendment of First Schedule) Order 2015 [P.U. (A) 201/2015]
Crime prevention
Status: In force

The act is necessary to stop action by a substantial body of persons both inside and outside Malaysia to cause, or to cause a substantial number of citizens to fear, organized violence against persons or property.


The Prevention of Crime Act 1959, in its current form (1 December 2015), consists of 5 Parts containing 23 sections and 3 schedules (including 12 amendments).

  • Part I: Powers of Arrest and Remand
  • Part II: Inquiries
  • Part III: Registration
  • Part IV: Consequences of Registration
  • Part IVA: Detention Orders
  • Part V: General
  • Schedules


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