Pressure Points: Live in Concert

Pressure Points: Live in Concert is a live album by progressive rock band Camel, released in 1984. A remastered version with six bonus tracks was released in 2009 as a double CD Set.

Pressure Points: Live in Concert
Live album by
ReleasedNovember 1984
Recorded11 May 1984
VenueHammersmith Odeon, London
GenreProgressive rock
ProducerAndy Latimer
Camel chronology
A Live Record
Pressure Points: Live in Concert
On the Road 1972
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Track listing

Side one

  1. "Pressure Points" – 7:17
  2. "Drafted" – 3:51
  3. "Captured" – 3:02
  4. "Lies" – 5:16
  5. "Sasquatch" – 4:09

Side two

  1. "West Berlin" – 5:19
  2. "Fingertips" – 4:48
  3. "Wait" (Lyrics by John McBurnie) – 4:28
  4. "Rhayader" (Music by Latimer, Peter Bardens) – 2:29
  5. "Rhayader Goes to Town" (Music by Latimer, Peter Bardens – 6:05

Music by Andrew Latimer, unless noted. Lyrics by Susan Hoover except where noted.

Track listing 2009 Expanded & Remastered Edition

Disc 1

  1. "Pressure Points"
  2. "Drafted"
  3. "Captured"
  4. "Lies"
  5. "Refugee" [Previously unreleased on CD]
  6. "Vopos" [Previously unreleased on CD]
  7. "Stationary Traveller" [Previously unreleased on CD]
  8. "West Berlin"
  9. "Fingertips"

Disc 2

  1. "Sasquatch"
  2. "Wait"
  3. "Cloak and Dagger Man" [Previously unreleased on CD]
  4. "Long Goodbyes" [Previously unreleased on CD]
  5. "Rhayader"
  6. "Rhayader Goes to Town"
  7. "Lady Fantasy" (Bardens, Latimer, Doug Ferguson, Andy Ward)[Previously unreleased on CD]



Guest appearance


  • Engineer – David Woolley, Haydan Bendall
  • Assistant Engineer – Mick McKenna
  • Tape Engineer – Jonny Bealby
  • Producer – Andrew Latimer

Pressing Error On Original Release

This LP also has strong interest with vinyl collectors. When it was first released on LP in 1984 the record was pressed incorrectly (with each side matched with the wrong labels) due to a production error. On the reverse of all 1st Pressings of this LP it states:- "SKL 5338 NOTE:- we regret that, due to a production error, the label on Side 2 refers to the tracks on Side 1, whilst the label on Side 1 refers to the tracks on Side 2". This error was corrected very quickly, and most of the stickers were removed by buyers on purchase. Therefore, any 'mispressed' 1st Pressings of this LP with this error are now very rare indeed.


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