President of the Dewan Negara

The President of the Senate (Malay: Yang di-Pertua Dewan Negara) is the presiding officer of the Dewan Negara, the upper house of the Parliament of Malaysia.

President of the Senate
Yang di-Pertua Dewan Negara
SA. Vigneswaran

since 26 April 2016
Dewan Negara
StyleTuan Yang di-Pertua (formal)
Tuan Speaker (informal and within the House)
Member ofCommittee of Selection,
Standing Orders Committee,
House Committee,
Committee of Privileges
Reports toDewan Negara
AppointerElected by members of the Dewan Negara
Term lengthElected upon a vacancy
Constituting instrumentFederal Constitution of Malaysia
Inaugural holderAbdul Rahman Mohamed Yasin
Formation11 September 1959 (1959-09-11)
DeputyAbdul Halim Abdul Samad
SalaryMYR 362,000 annually
WebsiteParliament of Malaysia
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The President of the Senate is created under Article 56 of the Constitution of Malaysia. The office is similar to the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat: the president is elected by the members of the Senate and is expected to be politically impartial. If a member of the Dewan Negara is elected as the president and is a member of a state legislative assembly, he must resign from the assembly before exercising the functions of the office. As the president may hold different titles while in office, it also changes the style. The current president is Datuk SA. Vigneswaran. Therefore, while in session, the senators will call him as 'Datuk Yang di-Pertua' (Datuk President) or 'Tuan Yang di-Pertua' (Mr. President).


The main functions of the President of the Dewan Negara are:[1]

  • to preside over the sittings of the Dewan Negara
  • to be responsible for the observance of the rules in the Dewan Negara
  • to ensure the relevancy of the points raised during the debate
  • to interpret the Standing Orders in case of disputes and the decision is final

List of Presidents of the Dewan Negara

As of 16 December 2019, all Presidents of the Dewan Negara won unopposed in the presidential election.

Parliament#PresidentTerm startTerm end
1Abdul Rahman Mohamed Yasin11 September 195918 October 1965
(1)18 October 196531 December 1968
2Syed Sheh Barakbah27 January 19695 February 1969
3Mohamad Noah Omar24 February 196928 July 1970
4Abdul Hamid Khan20 February 197122 February 1973
5Omar Yoke Lin Ong23 February 19736 January 1975
(5)6 January 197531 December 1980
6Ismail Khan5 January 198115 December 1983
(6)15 December 198313 April 1985
7Benedict Stephens15 April 198511 April 1988
8Abang Ahmad Urai11 July 19889 July 1990
9Chan Choong Tak17 December 199031 March 1992
10Vadiveloo Govindasamy13 April 199216 October 1994
(10)16 October 199412 June 1995
11Adam Kadir13 June 199530 November 1996
12Mohamed Yaacob10 December 199627 December 1999
(12)27 December 19995 December 2000
13Michael Chen Wing Sum7 December 200011 April 2003
14Abdul Hamid Pawanteh7 July 200319 July 2006
(14)19 July 20066 July 2009
15Wong Foon Meng7 July 200912 April 2010
16Abu Zahar Ujang26 April 201026 April 2013
(16)26 April 201325 April 2016
17Vigneswaran Sanasee26 April 2016Incumbent

Election results

Election DateCandidatesVotesNominated bySeconded bySecretary
11 September 1959Abdul Rahman Mohamed YasinUnopposedLeong Yew KohTan Tong HyeRamli Abdul Hamid
15 October 1962
Pro Tempore Chairman
Sheikh Abu Bakar YahyaUnopposedLeong Yew KohTan Tong HyeAhmad Abdullah
18 October 1965Abdul Rahman Mohamed YasinUnopposedTan Tong HyeAmaluddin DarusAhmad Abdullah
27 January 1969Syed Sheh BarakbahUnopposedAbdul Ghafar BabaJ. E. S. CrawfordAhmad Abdullah
24 February 1969Mohamad Noah OmarUnopposedAbdul Ghafar BabaPandak Hamid Puteh JaliAhmad Abdullah
20 February 1971Abdul Hamid KhanUnopposedAbdul Kadir YusufTan Tong HyeLim Joo Keng
23 February 1973Omar Yoke Lin OngUnopposedAbdul Kadir YusufKamarul Ariffin Mohd YassinLim Joo Keng
6 January 1975Omar Yoke Lin OngUnopposedAthi NahappanPandak Hamid Puteh JaliLim Joo Keng
5 January 1981Ismail KhanUnopposedMohamed NasirMichael Wong Kuan LeeAhmad Hasmuni Hussein
15 December 1983Ismail KhanUnopposedJames Peter OngkiliAriffin SallehAhmad Hasmuni Hussein
15 April 1985Benedict StephensUnopposedMohamed Yusof Mohamed NoorTan Chang SoongAhmad Hasmuni Hussein
11 July 1988Abang Ahmad UraiUnopposedKasitah GaddamHussein AhmadAbdul Rahim Abu Bakar
17 December 1990Chan Choong TakUnopposedMohamed Salleh Abu Bakar
13 April 1992Vadiveloo GovindasamyUnopposedMahathir MohamadLing Liong SikMohamad Salleh Abu Bakar
14 December 1994Vadiveloo GovindasamyUnopposedAnwar IbrahimLing Liong SikMohamad Salleh Abu Bakar
13 June 1995Adam KadirUnopposedAnwar IbrahimSamy VelluMohamad Salleh Abu Bakar
10 December 1996Mohamed YaacobUnopposedAnwar IbrahimChong Kah KiatAbdullah Abdul Wahab
27 December 1999Mohamed YaacobUnopposedAbdullah Ahmad BadawiAbdul Hamid OthmanAbdullah Abdul Wahab
7 December 2000Michael Chen Wing SumUnopposedLing Liong SikSamy VelluAbdullah Abdul Wahab
7 July 2003Abdul Hamid PawantehUnopposedTengku Adnan Tengku MansorM. KayveasAbdullah Abdul Wahab
19 July 2006Abdul Hamid PawantehUnopposedM. KayveasAbdul Raman SulimanZamani Sulaiman
7 July 2009Wong Foon MengUnopposedMohamed Nazri Abdul AzizOng Tee KeatZamani Sulaiman
26 April 2010Abu Zahar UjangUnopposedKoh Tsu KoonShahrizat Abdul JalilZamani Sulaiman
26 April 2016Vigneswaran SanaseeUnopposedAzalina Othman SaidJ Loga Bala MohanRiduan Rahmat

Living former Presidents

List of Vice Presidents of the Dewan Negara

Parliament#Deputy PresidentTerm startTerm end
1S. O. K. Ubaidulla22 March 19716 January 1975
(1)6 January 197531 December 1980
2Abdul Hamid Bidin13 April 198128 July 1982
3Sulaiman Ninam Shah14 December 19821 April 1985
4Abang Ahmad Urai29 July 198516 July 1987
(4)16 July 198710 July 1988
5Tan Peng Khoon13 July 198827 December 1989
6Chan Choong Tak28 December 198916 December 1990
7Adam Kadir13 April 19921 December 1994
(7)14 December 199412 June 1995
8Michael Chen Wing Sum29 May 19974 May 2000
(8)4 May 20005 December 2000
9Gapar Gurrohu8 May 200122 October 2003
10Wong Foon Meng7 June 20047 May 2007
(10)7 May 20076 July 2009
11Armani Mahiruddin9 July 200920 December 2011
12Doris Sophia Brodi26 January 201212 March 2013
(12)12 March 201311 March 2016
13Abdul Halim Abdul Samad18 April 2016Incumbent

Election results

Election DateCandidatesVotesNominated bySeconded by
27 December 1962Sheikh Abu Bakar YahyaUnopposedLeong Yew KohS. O. K. Ubaidulla
22 March 1971S. O. K. UbaidullaUnopposedAbdul Kadir YusufTan Tong Hye
6 January 1975S. O. K. UbaidullaUnopposedAbdul Rahim MananLim Ah Sitt
13 April 1981Abdul Hamid BidinUnopposedMohamed NasirLaw Hieng Ding
14 December 1982Sulaiman Ninam ShahUnopposedMohamed NasirKam Woon Wah
29 July 1985Abang Ahmad UraiUnopposedMohamed Yusof Mohamed NoorParamjit Singh
16 July 1987Abang Ahmad UraiUnopposedHussein AhmadBee Yang Sek
13 July 1988Tan Peng KhoonUnopposedKasitah GaddamHussein Ahmad
28 December 1989Chan Choong TakUnopposedSuleiman MohamedK. S. Nijhar
13 April 1992Adam KadirUnopposedMahathir MohamadLing Liong Sik
14 December 1994Adam KadirUnopposedAnwar IbrahimLing Liong Sik
29 May 1997Michael Chen Wing SumUnopposedOsu SukamTing Chew Peh
4 May 2000Michael Chen Wing SumUnopposedAbdullah Ahmad BadawiMusa Mohamad
8 May 2001Gapar GurrohuUnopposedAbdullah Ahmad BadawiPandikar Amin Mulia
7 June 2004Wong Foon MengUnopposedMohamed Nazri Abdul AzizChan Chee Tee
7 May 2007Wong Foon MengUnopposedMohamed Nazri Abdul AzizAbdul Raman Suliman
9 July 2009Armani MahiruddinUnopposedKoh Tsu KoonJamil Khir Baharom
26 January 2012Doris Sophia BrodiUnopposedMohamed Nazri Abdul AzizKoh Tsu Koon
12 March 2013Doris Sophia BrodiUnopposedMohamed Nazri Abdul AzizKoh Tsu Koon
18 April 2016Abdul Halim Abdul SamadUnopposedAzalina Othman SaidMustapa Mohamed

Living former Vice Presidents of the Dewan Negara

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