Premier of Manitoba

The Premier of Manitoba (French: Premier ministre du Manitoba) is the first minister for the Canadian province of Manitoba. The premier is the province's head of government and de facto chief executive. In formal terms, the premier receives a commission to form a government from the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, who represents the monarch at the provincial level.

Premier of Manitoba
Brian Pallister

since May 3, 2016
Government of Manitoba
Office of the Premier
StyleThe Honourable
Member of
Reports toLegislative Assembly
AppointerLieutenant Governor of Manitoba
Term lengthAt Her Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderAlfred Boyd
FormationSeptember 16, 1870[1]
SalaryIn 2017, $94,513 (MLA Basic Annual Salary) plus $79,201 (Premier Additional Annual Salary). [2] Additional MLA Allowances include Living Allowance, Travel Allowance, Office Rent Allowance, Assistants Allowance, Constituency Allowance (between $54,672 and $61,245), and others.[3]

The current Premier of Manitoba is Brian Pallister of the Progressive Conservative Party, who was sworn in on May 3, 2016.[4]

The Premier is the head of the government, in that they are the head of the provincial party capable of winning a vote of confidence in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.


The role of the Premier is the same as Prime Minister but at provincial level. After being sworn in, the Premier organises a provincial cabinet, which is formally appointed by the Lieutenant Governor. Together, the Premier and Lieutenant Governor are comparable to governors of U.S. States, with the Lieutenant Governor performing functions of state and protocol, such as signing bills into law, as the Queen's representative to the province; while the Premier is responsible for overseeing the operations of government as head of the cabinet. The Premier also represents the province on a national level, and has talks with other Premiers and the Prime Minister once a year.

Premiers of Manitoba

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