Precinct captain

A Precinct Captain, also known as a Precinct Chairman, Precinct Delegate, or Precinct Committee Officer, is an elected official in the American political party system. The office establishes a direct link between a political party and the voters in a local election district.[1]

Election to the office is by ballot or via the county party executive committee. Voters file their declaration of candidacy with their party in their voting district. If elected during the primary, the Precinct Captain shall serve as long as one remains eligible, or until seeking reelection in the subsequent district primary. Requirements vary among states and counties.[2]

Responsibilities of the post include facilitating voter registration and absentee ballot access; leading get out the vote outreach efforts; distributing campaign and party literature; promoting the party; and addressing voter concerns. In many states Precinct Captains are also eligible to establish party unit committees for fundraising.[1]

It is a grassroots position with officials generally serving as volunteers, though in some states they receive a stipend.[3] Positions of county captain have also been created, but are usually used for election campaigns rather than party organizing.[2]

In the State of Washington, this office is known as the "Precinct Committee Officer".[4] In the State of Oregon, this office is defined in state law under Oregon Revised Statue 248.015 as "Precinct Committee Person".


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