Prangarda of Canossa

Prangarda of Canossa (d. after 991), was a northern Italian noblewoman.


Prangarda was a member of the House of Canossa. Her father was Adalbert Atto of Canossa, and her mother was Hildegard (who was probably a member of the Supponid dynasty).[1] Prangarda married Manfred I of Turin, perhaps after the siege of Canossa in 951, but more likely after 962.[2] In 991 Prangarda issued a charter, with Manfred’s consent, in which she sold her share of the estate of Vilinianum in Parma.[3] It is clear from this charter that Prangarda’s dowry included lands totalling at least one thousand iugera (roughly 650 acres) in Parma and Reggio.[4]


With Manfred, Prangarda had several children, including:[5]


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