Powelltown Tramway

The Powelltown Tramway was a 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge tramway that operated between Powelltown and Yarra Junction, Victoria, Australia. The railway connected to the 5 ft 3 in (1,600 mm) Victorian Railways at Yarra Junction. It operated between 1913 and 1945.

The tramway was owned by the sawmill at Powelltown, but, while the primary role of the tramway was to move sawn timber from the mill, it operated a timetabled service for passengers, and carried goods as a common carrier. The tramway also operated a number of logging lines into the forest east of Powelltown.

It has since been converted into the walking-only Powelltown Tramway Rail Trail.[1] The tramway is on private property with access limited to the line (2013).[2]

Powelltown Tramway
Warburton line
towards Lilydale railway station and Melbourne
Yarra Junction
Warburton line
towards Warburton
No. 1 Siding
Black Sands
Reids Siding
Grooms Siding
Three Bridges
Worlleys Siding
United Siding
Feiglin Siding
line continues to Powelltown Logging lines


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