Port Afrique

Port Afrique is a 1956 British drama film based on the 1948 novel of the same name by Bernard Victor Dryer (19181995).[1] The colour film was directed by Rudolph Maté and the adapted screenplay was written by John Cresswell. It was filmed on location in the Casbah in Algiers and in Tangiers and Morocco.[2]

Set in July 1945, the film tells the story of a returning American pilot named Rip Reardon who lost his leg during the war and a young woman, Ynez, who is accused of the murder of Rip's wife.

Cast and characters

Actor/Actress Role
Pier Angeli Ynez
James Hayter Nino
Richard Molinas Captain
Anthony Newley Pedro
Christopher Lee Franz Vermes
Eugene Deckers Colonel Moussac
Philip Carey Rip Reardon
Dennis Price Robert Blackton
Rachel Gurney Diane Blackton
Guido Lorraine Abdul
Larry Taylor First Arab

Music by Malcolm Arnold


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