Popular Civic List

The Popular Civic List (Italian: Civica Popolare, CP) was a centrist[1] coalition of political parties in Italy.[2] Its leader is Beatrice Lorenzin, minister of Health from 2013 to 2018 and member of Popular Alternative.[3]

Popular Civic List

Civica Popolare
LeaderBeatrice Lorenzin
Founded29 December 2017 (2017-12-29)
Dissolvedno official date
Preceded byPopular Area
HeadquartersVia del Governo Vecchio, 3
00186 Rome
IdeologyChristian democracy[1]
Political positionCentre[1]
National affiliationCentre-left coalition


CP participated in the 2018 general election within the centre-left coalition centred on the Democratic Party (PD) along with Together (notably including the Italian Socialist Party) and the liberal[1] More Europe.[4]

The coalition's symbol consisted in a stylised peony, Lorenzin's name and the logos of Italy of Values, the Centrists for Europe (CpE), the Union for Trentino, Italy is Popular and Popular Alternative (AP). The coalition also included Solidary Democracy, Popular Italy and the Christian Popular Union, although their logos did not appear in the coalition's symbol.

In the event, the list obtained a mere 0.5% of the vote, but three of its candidates were elected in single-seat constituencies: Lorenzin and Gabriele Toccafondi (both members of AP) to the Chamber and Pier Ferdinando Casini (CpE) to the Senate.

In September 2019 Lorenzin joined the PD[5][6] and Toccafondi Renzi's new Italia Viva party.[7][8]


Main members

Party Main ideology Leader/s
Popular Alternative Christian democracy Beatrice Lorenzin
Italy of Values Populism Ignazio Messina
Centrists for Europe Christian democracy Pier Ferdinando Casini
Union for Trentino Regionalism Tiziano Mellarini
Italy is Popular Christian democracy Giuseppe De Mita

Other members

Party Main ideology Leader/s
Solidary Democracy Christian left Lorenzo Dellai
Christian Popular Union Christian democracy Antonio Satta
Popular Italy Christian democracy Alberto Monticone

Election results

Italian Parliament

Chamber of Deputies
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leader
2018 178,107 (13th) 0.54
2 / 630
Beatrice Lorenzin
Senate of the Republic
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leader
2018 157,282 (13th) 0.52
1 / 315
Beatrice Lorenzin


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