Polar Bear with Cubs

Polar Bear With Cubs (Danish: Isbjørn med unger) is a sculpture situated at the southern end of the Langelinie Quay, just north of Langelinie Marina, in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Polar Bear with Cubs
Danish: Isbjørn med inger
ArtistHolger Wederkinch
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Coordinates55°40′34″N 12°34′06″E


The sculpture was created by Holger Wederkinch in Paris. It was first exhibited at the Salon in 1929 where it won a gold medal. A bronze cast was in 1937 acquired by an anonymous buyer and gifted to Copenhagen's Port Authority. It was unveiled at the southern end of the Langelinie Quay in 1939.[1] The bear was shot in the head by a German soldier during the Occupation of Denmark. He was sent back to Germany for the act.


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