Poison in the Zoo

Poison in the Zoo (German: Gift im Zoo) is a 1952 West German thriller film directed by Hans Müller and Wolfgang Staudte and starring Irene von Meyendorff, Carl Raddatz and Petra Peters.

Poison in the Zoo
Directed by
Produced byWerner Ludwig
Written byEdgar Kahn
Music byMarc Hendriks
CinematographyEkkehard Kyrath
Edited byAnneliese Schönnenbeck
Distributed byNational-Film
Release date
24 January 1952
Running time
84 minutes
CountryWest Germany


During production in 1951, the director Wolfgang Staudte was removed and replaced when the West German authorities refused to consider it eligible for state subsidies unless Staudte declare that he would no longer work for the DEFA studios of the Communist East German state. Staudte, who had made several major productions for DEFA, refused and was replaced by Müller.[1]

It was shot partly on location at the Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg.

The film's sets were designed by Albrecht Becker and Herbert Kirchhoff.


After a series of mysterious deaths of animals at a zoo the police are called in to investigate.


  • Irene von Meyendorff as Vera Pauly
  • Carl Raddatz as Dr. Martin Rettberg
  • Petra Peters as Jutta Flamm
  • Ernst Schröder as Oskar Beck
  • Hermann Speelmans as Kriminalrat Walter Glasbrenner
  • Nicolas Koline as Wärter Mathias
  • Kurt Meister as Oberwärter Kruschke
  • Otto Reimer as Wärter Robby
  • Helmut Peine as Kriminalkommissar Werner
  • Tilla Hohmann as Wirtschafterin Karola
  • Hella Attenberger as Gaby Rettberg
  • Alwin Pauli as Oberwärter Berger
  • Bruno Klockmann as Polizeichef Dr. Wöltje


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