Podocarpus laetus

Podocarpus laetus is a species of conifer in the family Podocarpaceae, commonly known as Hall's tōtara, mountain tōtara or thin-barked tōtara.[2] Previously known as Podocarpus hallii and Podocarpus cunninghamii,[3] in 2015 it was realised that the much earlier name P. laetus has priority.[4] Its common name results from the species being named after J. W. Hall, a New Zealand pharmacist.[2]

Podocarpus laetus
Scientific classification
P. laetus
Binomial name
Podocarpus laetus
Hooibr. ex Endl.
  • Podocarpus hallii
  • Podocarpus cunninghamii

It is found only in New Zealand. It can be found growing in both montane and subalpine forests but less common in lowland forests.[2]

P. laetus is distinguished from the more widely known lowland tōtara by its thinner bark,[5] longer juvenile leaves and distribution at higher altitudes.[6][7]


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