Playing with Fire (Vailland novel)

Drôle de jeu is a prize winning 1945 French novel by Roger Vailland first published by Éditions Corrêa. The work explores the ironies of the French Resistance. It was published in English in a translation by Gerard Hopkins as Playing with Fire by Chatto & Windus in 1948.[1] Although Vailland later tried to play down the autobiographical elements in the novel, these have been documented by his biographers.[2]

Drôle de jeu
later 1960s Le Livre de poche edition of the novel
AuthorRoger Vailland
PublisherÉditions Corrêa
Publication date


  1. M. Kelly The Cultural and Intellectual Rebuilding of France After the Second World War 0230511163 2004 "Roger Vailland, whose prize-winning novel Playing with Fire (Drôle de jeu, 1945) explored ironies in the work of the Resistance, was a staunch fellow-traveller, who eventually joined the party in 1952.
  2. Lloyd Collaboration and Resistance in Occupied France: p.157 Roger Vailland and the resistance novel
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