Platymantis is a genus of frogs in the family Ceratobatrachidae. They are commonly known as wrinkled ground frogs, ground frogs,[1][2] and forest frogs.

Fiji tree frog (Platymantis vitiensis)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Ceratobatrachidae
Subfamily: Ceratobatrachinae
Genus: Platymantis
Günther, 1858
Type species
Halophila vitiensis
Girard, 1853

As currently defined, Platymantis is a large genus with up to as many as 60 species found mostly in the Philippines. However, it is known to be paraphyletic. Solving this problem will likely lead to a more narrowly defined Platymantis, possibly by transferring some species to a larger Ceratobatrachus (with Batrachylodes).[1]


There are currently at least 30 extant species in this genus.[1] Brown, et al. (2015)[3] estimates that there may be a total of 50-60 species in Platymantis if all cryptic species were to be described.

In addition, there is an extinct species:

Species moved to genus Cornufer

Brown, et al. (2015)[3] moved the Platymantis species of Oceania into the newly proposed genus Cornufer. Species in the Philippines remained in Platymantis.

Endemic ranges

Many Platymantis species are endemic to highly restricted geographical areas within the Philippines.


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