Place Rosemère

Place Rosemère is a super regional mall in Rosemère, Quebec. It is near the intersection of Quebec Autoroute 640 and Quebec Autoroute 15.[1] Its anchor stores are Walmart, La Baie and Best Buy. It has 200 stores, including a food court of thirteen restaurants.[2] Place Rosemère is operated by Morguard Investments.[3]

Place Rosemère
The mall as of September 2012
LocationRosemère, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45.63°N 73.82°W / 45.63; -73.82
Address401 Curé-Labelle Boulevard
Opening dateAugust 13, 1975
ManagementMorguard Investments
No. of stores and services200
No. of anchor tenants3
Total retail floor areaapprox. 890,715 sq ft (82,750.1 m2)
No. of floors1 (2 in Hudson's Bay)

Place Rosemère began modestly when it first opened in 1975 with approximately 70 stores, anchored by Woolco, Beaver Lumber and Dominion.[4][5][6][7] The Hudson's Bay Company had originally confirmed a La Baie store for the mall's inauguration,[5] but nothing ever came out of this announcement and it's only 16 years later, on March 13, 1991, that it opened at Place Rosemère.[8]

Dominion was acquired by Provigo in 1981[9] and Woolco by Wal-Mart in 1994.[10]

A first expansion, opened in 1991, relocated the Canadian Tire store into the new section, along with the newly opened La Baie store.[11] This expansion brought the mall to 150 stores.[11] Another expansion, opened in 2002, brought the mall to its current size and layout as Wal-Mart moved to a new location in the mall's expansion and a new Sears store moved to the old Wal-Mart store.[11] This expansion coincided with the closing of two other anchor stores when Canadian Tire moved to a standalone location across the street and Provigo, one of the last supermarkets to be located in a Canadian regional mall, closed its doors. Some smaller stores took the place of the old Canadian Tire store, and Zara, Pharmaprix and Dormez-Vous took the place of the old Provigo store.

In 2008, the Best Buy store was built at the north end of the mall, next to Walmart.[12] In January 8, 2018, Sears closed its doors.[13]

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