Place Longueuil

Place Longueuil is a shopping mall located in Longueuil, Quebec. It is located near the Longueuil Metro station. The principal tenants are IGA Extra, Winners/HomeSense and, to a lesser extent, St-Hubert and Sports Experts.

Place Longueuil
Place Longueuil, from Saint-Charles Street
LocationLongueuil, Quebec, Canada
Address825 rue Saint-Laurent Ouest
Opening dateNovember 2, 1966
DeveloperJean-Paul Auclair [1]
No. of stores and services140
No. of anchor tenants2
Total retail floor area397,600 sq ft (36,940 m2). (Rentable space)
No. of floors1

Place Longueuil was built in 1966 with 65 stores anchored by Steinberg and Miracle Mart.[2] Though not the oldest shopping centre in present-day Longueuil, it was nonetheless the first mall in what was then the city of Longueuil in 1966.

Place Longueuil and its 65 boutiques were destroyed on October 6, 1979 by a major fire started by a 9-year-old boy.[1][3] It was the worst fire in Longueuil history, even requiring the help of firefighters from Boucherville, Greenfield Park, Saint-Lambert, Ville Lemoyne, Saint-Hubert and Varennes to extinguish it.[4] Steinberg and Miracle Mart were not destroyed by the fire but they both suffered damages from it.[4] The mall was rebuilt and reopened in April 1981 with 85 stores.[3] It underwent an expansion in 1987.[5]

Miracle Mart was renamed M in 1986 and finally closed in 1992. After M closed, Zellers took the location of M and remained there until its own closure in 2012 and its subsequent replacement by Target the following year.[6] Half of the space then became a Winners/HomeSense in July 31, 2018 after the closure of Target in 2015.[7]

There has been little change in the supermarket tenantship of Place Longueuil. In 1992, Steinberg was changed to an IGA which has been in the mall ever since, albeit with an upgrade to the IGA Extra banner in the 2000s.[8][9][10]

On February 18, 2011, it was announced that Homburg Canada would succeed over Cogir as manager of Place Longueuil.[11] The transaction took effect a couple of days later. As of 2017, Place Longueuil is owned and operated by Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust.[12]


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