Pipers River

The Pipers River is a perennial river located in northern region of Tasmania, Australia. It was named for Captain Hugh Piper.

Pipers River area
Location of the Pipers River mouth in Tasmania
RegionNorthern Tasmania
Physical characteristics
SourceMount Arthur
  locationsouth of Lilydale
  coordinates41°18′20″S 147°16′54″E
  elevation975 m (3,199 ft)
MouthNoland Bay, Bass Strait
Pipers Heads
41°00′32″S 147°09′26″E
0 m (0 ft)
Length59 km (37 mi)
Basin features
  rightSecond River (Tasmania)

Course and features

The river rises below Mount Arthur near Lilydale. It runs through Hollybank Forest, a tourist attraction, before flowing through the outer reaches of Lilydale. It then proceeds through to Karoola, Lower Turners Marsh and then Pipers River town. The river has its mouth at Pipers Heads near the towns of Weymouth and Bellingham flowing into Noland Bay, Bass Strait. A number of tributaries flow into the Pipers River including; Pipers Brook at Bellingham, Back Creek at Weymouth and Rocky Creek near Lilydale. The river descends 975 metres (3,199 ft) over its 59-kilometre (37 mi) course.[1] The river isn't very tidal except in the immediate area around Weymouth.


Results from a genetic study indicated that specimens of Tasmanian giant freshwater crayfish from a site in the Pipers River catchment (Little Creek) were significantly genetically distinct from the rest of the species, and should be considered an important location for conservation.[2]

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