Ping Pong (Momus album)

Ping Pong is the eleventh studio album by Scottish musician Momus, released in 1997. It has been described as the beginning of his "analog baroque" style.[1]

Ping Pong
Studio album by
LabelLe Grand Magistery
Momus chronology
20 Vodka Jellies
Ping Pong
The Little Red Songbook
Professional ratings
Review scores
Entertainment WeeklyB+[2]
Rolling Stone[5]
The Village VoiceB−[6]

Track listing

All tracks are written by Momus.

1."Ping Pong with Hong Kong King Kong (A Sing Song)"0:49
2."His Majesty the Baby"4:22
3."My Pervert Doppelganger"4:32
4."I Want You, But I Don't Need You"4:46
5."Professor Shaftenberg"3:33
6."Shoesize of the Angel"6:33
7."The Age of Information"4:37
8."The Sensation of Orgasm"3:52
9."Anthem of Shibuya"4:00
10."Lolitapop Dollhouse"4:08
11."Tamagotchi Press Officer"2:20
12."Space Jews"3:58
13."My Kindly Friend the Censor"3:53
14."The Animal That Desires"7:05
15."How to Get – And Stay – Famous"7:36


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