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A pilgrimage church (German: Wallfahrtskirche) is a church to which pilgrimages are regularly made, or a church along a pilgrimage route, like the Way of St. James, that is visited by pilgrims.

Pilgrimage churches are often located by the graves of saints, or hold portraits to which miraculous properties are ascribed or saintly relics that are safeguarded by the church for their veneration. Such relics may include the bones, books or pieces of clothing of the saints, occasionally also fragments of the cross of Jesus, pieces of the crown of thorns, the nails with which he was fixed to the cross and other similar objects. Pilgrimage churches were also built at places where miracles took place.

List of Roman Catholic pilgrimage churches

Churches are listed in alphabetical order of the sites in or near where they are located.


  • Ardning, Styria: Pilgrimage Church of Frauenberg
  • Bad Leonfelden, Upper Austria: Pilgrimage Church of Maria Schutz am Bründl
  • Berg bei Rohrbach, Upper Austria: Pilgrimage Church of Maria Trost
  • Bergheim near Salzburg: Pilgrimage Church of Maria Plain
  • Christkindl, Upper Austria: Pilgrimage Church of Christkindl
  • Fernitz, Styria: Pilgrimage Church of Maria Trost (Styria)
  • Gaflenz, Upper Austria: St. Sebald am saintnstein
  • Graz, Styria: Maria Grün, Mariatrost Basilica
  • Gurk, Carinthia, Gurk Cathedral (grave of Saint Hemma of Gurk)
  • Gutenstein, Lower Austria: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Heiligengrab, Bleiburg, Carinthia
  • Horn, Lower Austria: Maria Dreieichen
  • Kaltenberg, Upper Austria
  • Kaltenbrunn, Tyrol
  • Linz, Upper Austria: Pöstlingberg
  • Maria Dornach (Mitteldorf), Großkirchheim, Carinthia
  • Maria Gail, Villach
  • Maria Hilf ob Guttaring, Carinthia
  • Maria Laach am Jauerling, Lower Austria
  • Maria Loreto, Saint Andrew i. L., Carinthia
  • Maria Rain, Carinthia
  • St Mary's Church, Maria Saal, Carinthia
  • Maria Schmolln, Upper Austria
  • Pilgrimage Church of Maria Schnee (Maria Luggau), Lesachtal, Carinthia
  • Maria Schnee (at about ten places in Austria and several places in Germany and neighbouring countries)
  • Mariastein, Tyrol
  • Maria Taferl (most important pilgrimage site in Lower Austria)
  • Maria Waitschach, Guttaring, Carinthia
  • Mariazell, Styria – which in 2003–2005 was the venue for the Central European Catholics Day
  • Molln, Upper Austria: Pilgrimage Church of Frauenstein
  • Pottenstein: Pilgrimage Church of Maria Trost im Elend
  • Poysdorf, Lower Austria: Maria Bründl
  • Saalfelden, Salzburg: Pilgrimage Church of Maria Kirchenthal
  • Sankt Jakob im Rosental, Carinthia: Pilgrimage Church of Maria Elend
  • St. Wolfgang, Upper Austria
  • Pilgrimage Church of St. Wolfgang ob Grades, Metnitz, Carinthia
  • Schollach, Lower Austria: Maria Steinparz
  • Seggauberg, Styria: Pilgrimage Church on the Frauenberg near Leibnitz
  • Sonntagberg, Lower Austria
  • Our Dear Lady, Hochfeistritz, Eberstein, Carinthia
  • Zistersdorf, Lower Austria: Maria Moos (oldest spring shrine in Lower Austria)




Trsat, Dalmatia, Croatia: Pilgrimage Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, Cathedral of St Vitus

Czech Republic



  • Abensberg (Bavaria): Pilgrimage Church of St Mary of the Assumption in the village of Allersdorf
  • Abtsgmünd: pilgrimage church of the Sacrifice of Mary (Mariä Opferung) in the village of Hohenstadt
  • Aldenhoven: chapel of grace, parish church, Marian pilgrimage
  • Altötting: Shrine of Our Lady, Marian pilgrimage
  • Andechs: Pilgrimage Church of St. Nicholas and St. Elizabeth, Maria pilgrimage, eucharistic pilgrimage
  • Amberg: Pilgrimage Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Armsheim (Rheinhessen): former Pilgrimage church of the Precious Blood of Christ
  • Beratzhausen: pilgrimage church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Bergen bei Neuburg: pilgrimage church of the Holy Cross
  • Berlin-Mariendorf: Pilgrimage Church of Maria Frieden
  • Beselich: Pilgrimage Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Bettbrunn: pilgrimage church of St Salvator
  • Biberbach: St. James the Great, St Lawrence and the Holy Cross - 's Herrgöttle von Biberbach
  • Birenbach: Pilgrimage Church of the Dolorous Mother of God
  • Birkenstein: pilgrimage chapel of St Mary of the Assumption
  • Blieskastel: Holy Cross Chapel, Madonna with the Pfeilen
  • Bogen: Bogenberg, St Mary of the Assumption
  • Bonn: Kreuzbergkirche
  • Bruchhausen (Landkreis Neuwied): Marian pilgrimage church of St. John the Baptist (Zuflucht der Sünder)
  • Bussen (Upper Swabia): pilgrimage church of St. John the Baptist
  • Cologne: Cologne Cathedral - SS. Peter and Mary (Epiphany)
  • Cologne: St. Maria in der Kupfergasse (Black Madonna of Cologne)
  • Dahenfeld: St Remigius' Church
  • Deggendorf: Pilgrimage Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Deggingen (Upper Filst valley): Ave Maria (pilgrimage church)
  • Dettelbach: pilgrimage church of Maria im Sand
  • Düren: St Anne's Church - veneration of the "head of Anna" - a head relic of the mother of Mary
  • Durmersheim: pilgrimage church of Maria Bickesheim
  • Eckartshausen (Werneck): pilgrimage church of the Visitation of Mary
  • Eggerode: pilgrimage church of Birth of the Virgin Mary
  • Eibingen: pilgrimage church of St. Hildegard and St. John the Baptisth - burial church of Saint Hildegard and sanctuary for the Eibingen relic treasure.
  • Ellwangen: pilgrimage church of St. Mary of Loreto


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