Pietralata (film)

Pietralata (Italian: Pietralata) is a 2008 Italian film directed by Gianni Leacche.[1] The film concerns a protest against the current film industry,[2] and it was shot in 2007 in the Pietralata, a quartiere of Rome, in the eastern part of the city.[3]

Directed byGianni Leacche
StarringBenedicta Boccoli
Carla Magda Capitanio
Claudio Botosso
Massimo Bonetti
Edoardo Velo
Release date
Running time
103 mins.


The film is set in Rome: Edoardo and Giancarlo, old friends who want to become actors, are reunited after many years and are still determined to realize their dream.[4]

However, they realize the inefficiency of the film industry and also have personal problems: Edoardo falls into a deep depression, and the family of Giancarlo would like him to become a taxi driver. The situation of the two friends is a little relieved by two women, Lucrezia and Francesca, whom they meet.[5]



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