Pierre Repp

Pierre Repp (5 November 1909 in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, France – 1 November 1986 in Plessis-Trévise, France) was a French humorist and actor. His real name was Pierre Alphonse Léon Frédéric Bouclet. On 14 August 1930, he married Ferdinande Alice Andrée Bouclet in Lille.

He is famous in France for his unique comic talent. He used to simulate stuttering while talking, in an humoristic way, trying to pronounce some words and finally replacing them by others. In a famous French sketch, "Les crêpes", he explained the recipe that way, with sentences like this one: "Then you add some mamerlade, oh sorry ! Some marlamade... Uh! Me, I pour some chocolate".

Pierre Repp appeared in many theatre plays and TV shows, but mainly in music-hall and cabarets in Paris or on tour. Pierre Repp has his place in the French cinéma story due to many "third-roles" in about forty films.


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