Pierre Petit (photographer)

Pierre Lanith Petit (Aups 15 August 1832 16 February 1909 Paris) was a French photographer. He is sometimes credited as Pierre Lamy Petit.

Pierre Petit is not to be confused with (Jean) Pierre Yves-Petit (18861969), another French photographer who usually operated under the name Yvon.


Petit learned photography in Paris in the workshop of André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri (1819–1889) (together with 76 other employees). In 1858, he opened his own workshop in Paris with Antoine René Trinquart, later to be called La Photographie des Deux Mondes. This proved to be very successful and workshops were opened in Baden-Baden and Marseille (in partnership with Emile Cazalis).

In his lifetime he made thousands of photographs. In 1908 he handed over the business to his son.

Some highlights in Petit's career:


  • Galerie des hommes de jour, a series of photographs of famous French people of the day, published in 1861
  • l’Episcopat français, clergé de Paris, a series of photographs of the clergy of Paris


Museums that hold large collections of his photographs:





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