Pierre Milza

Pierre Milza (born 16 April 1932 in Paris; d. 28 February 2018 in Saint-Malo) was a French historian. His work focused mainly on the history of Italy, the history of Italian immigration to France and the history of fascism, of which he was a recognized specialist.

Pierre Milza
BornApril 16, 1932
DiedFebruary 28, 2018
Known forAuthor of the biographies of Napoleon III, Garibaldi, and Mussolini

He was professor emeritus at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, where he taught contemporary history.

Pierre Milza is notably the author of Voyage en Ritalie, or "History of Italy", as well as of biographies of Mussolini, Napoleon III and Garibaldi.

Early life

Milza was a second-generation Italian immigrant, born in Paris, France to Italian parents. His father, Olivier Milza, was born near Parma in Italy.[1][2] His status as an immigrant motivated his studies in Italian history and Italian-French immigration. Milza first visited Italy at 16, learned Italian and began to study history.


Milza was a member of the François Mitterrand Institute.


Throughout his career, Milza wrote many books about fascism and the history of Italy. In addition to these publications, Milza devoted time to writing biographies for different figures including Mussolini, Voltaire, Garibaldi and Napoleon III.[3]


With Serge Berstein

Milza collaborated with fellow historian Serge Berstein to produce academic works and textbooks.[3]

  • Le Fascisme italien, 1919-1945
  • Histoire de la France au XXe siècle
  • Histoire, les civilisations
  • L' Italia contemporaine, du Risorgimento à la chute du fascisme
  • L’Allemagne de 1870 à nos jours
  • Axes et méthodes de l’histoire politique
  • L’Italie fasciste
  • Histoire de la France au xxe siècle (5 volume series)
  • L’Italie contemporaine. Des nationalistes aux Européens
  • L’Allemagne 1870-1991
  • Axes et méthodes de l’histoire politique
  • Histoire de l’Europe contemporaine
  • Dictionnaire historique des fascismes et du nazisme

Other collaborations

  • L'Immigration en France au 20e siècle (with Marianne Amar)
  • Le Nogent des Italiens (with Marie-Claude Blanc-Chaléard)
  • Le Fascisme au xxe siècle (with Marianne Benteli)
  • Le Paris des étrangers depuis 1945 (with Antoine Marès)


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