Pierre Dac

André Isaac (August 15, 1893 Châlons-sur-Marne, France – February 9, 1975 Paris, France), better known as Pierre Dac, was a French humorist. During World War II, Pierre Dac was one of the speakers of the BBC's Radio Londres service to occupied France. He produced a series of satirical songs which were broadcast on the station. After the war, he participated in a comic duet with the humorist Francis Blanche.

A very active freemason,[1][2][3] initiated in 1926 at "Les Inséparables d'Osiris" lodge in Paris, he created a parodic and slang masonic rite "Le rite des Voyous"[4][5] still practiced in some French lodges.

Dac is also the creator of the comic term "Schmilblick."



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