Pier 5, Havana

Pier 5, Havana is a 1959 crime film directed by Edward L. Cahn starring Cameron Mitchell and Allison Hayes, with the unique distinction of being perhaps the only American drama filmed in Cuba just after Fidel Castro's revolution.[1][2]

Pier 5, Havana
Directed byEdward L. Cahn
Produced byRobert E. Kent
Edward Small (executive)
Written byJoseph Hoffman
Robert E. Kent
StarringCameron Mitchell
Allison Hayes
Music byPaul Sawtell
Bert Shefter
CinematographyMaury Gertsman
Edited byGrant Whytock
Robert E. Kent Productions
Distributed byUnited Artists
Release date
  • October 1959 (1959-10)
Running time
68 minutes
CountryUnited States

Plot summary

Steve Daggett (Cameron Mitchell) fights to protect Fidel Castro from dangerous pro-Batista counterrevolutionaries. Steve comes to Cuba to find his friend Hank Miller (Logan Field) who has been missing for a while. It turns out that he has been captured by Fernando (Eduardo Noriega), the leader of the pro-Batista forces, who needs Hank to convert their airplanes into bombers. Steve's former girlfriend Monica (Allison Hayes) is now Mrs. Hank Miller.

'Pier 5, Havana' is not the only American drama filmed in Cuba after the revolution. Cuban Rebel Girls and Our Man in Havana were also shot on location in the island post-revolution.



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