Phyllis Shannaw

Phyllis Shannaw (3 May 1901 – 1988) was an English actress in silent films and the London stage. Her husband Frank Cellier was also an actor, as is her son, Peter Cellier.

Phyllis Shannaw
Phyllis Shannaw, from a 1921 publication.
Phyllis Maud Shannaw

3 May 1901
Years active1920s
Known forsilent films
Frank Cellier
(m. 1925; died 1948)
ChildrenPeter Cellier

Early life

Phyllis Maud Shannaw was born in Richmond, Surrey. She attended Wentworth Hall in Mill Hill for her schooling.[1]


Shannaw was in musical comedies and revues as a young woman.[2] She appeared in five silent films: The Call of the Road (1920), The River of Light (1921), The Right to Live (1921), The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's (1921), and The Sport of Kings (1921).[3] Her stage credits included London productions of The Limpet (1922), The Merry Wives of Windsor (1923-1924), The Mask and the Face (1924), and The Torch Bearers (1925).[4] Shannaw "showed that, in addition to being able to act, she has a voice that is beautiful, quiet, dignified, and expressive," according to a theatre reviewer in 1922.[5]

Personal life

In 1925, Phyllis Shannaw became the second wife of Frank Cellier, son of conductor François Cellier and father of actress Antoinette Cellier.[6] They had a son, Peter Cellier, who also became an actor.[6] Frank Cellier died in 1948.[7] She died in 1988, in Surrey, aged 86 years.


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