Phulwa (English: Flower) (also known as Phulwa Choti Dulhan) is an Indian television drama on the Colors TV. It is set against the backdrop of Chambal forest near Morena, Madhya Pradesh. The story is loosely based on the life of Phoolan Devi, the dacoit-turned politician.[1]

Also known asPhulwa Choti Dulhan
Written by
  • Sonali Jaffar
  • Sandiip Sikcand
  • Aseem Arora
Directed byBalkrishna Singh Rahul pandey
Creative director(s)Indrahit Mukharjee
StarringSee below
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes277
  • Vikas Sethi
  • Siddarth Kumar Tewary
CinematographyShailesh Monare
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 24 minutes
Production company(s)Swastik Productions
Original networkColors TV
Picture format576i
Original release10 January 2011 (2011-01-10) 
16 March 2012 (2012-03-16)


The series revolves around a little village girl named Phulwa (whose name literally means "flower"), living in a bandit-infested part of India. She is a sweet, innocent and loving girl but, unluckily, gets caught in the middle of a ruthless feud. She loses most of her family, as well as her childlike innocence, at an early age.

Phulwa has a much older foster brother named Bhavani (Prashant Narayanan), who is a bandit. Shankar (Angad Hasija), who wants to take revenge against Bhavani, abducts Phulwa. Circumstances make it appear that Shankar and Phulwa are married to each other. The village council (panchayat) decides that they have to stay together as a couple, though Shankar is nearly three times Phulwa's age. Shankar believes that Bhavani killed his elder brother and sister-in-law. Moreover, Shankar's younger sister Mahua (Wasna Ahmed) was in love with Bhavani but he had left her.

Shankar grows fond of the innocent little Phulwa. He tries to make amends for his earlier actions, which had spoiled her life. Phulwa starts idolizing Shankar and calls him 'Masterji' out of respect. Sharbati, a distant relative, is interested in marrying Shankar, but he does not encourage her.

The local landlord and politician, Bade Thakur aka Daroga Singh, sends a proposal for Mahua to marry his son, Chhote Thakur. Mahua runs away from the wedding because she still loves Bhavani but is killed by a spurned Chhote Thakur. Later, Shankar learns that the Thakur father-son duo, not Bhavani, had killed his brother and sister-in-law as well. The Thakurs with Sharbati's help capture Phulwa, her parents and siblings. Shankar and Bhavani go to rescue them. Bhavani saves Phulwa and her brother Babu, but Phulwa's parents and Shankar are killed. Phulwa and Babu accompany Bhavani to the hideout of his bandit group. Phulwa swears to take revenge for the deaths of 'Masterji' (Shankar) and her parents and joins the bandits.

Ten years later, Phulwa has grown up into a tough and fearless woman. She helps the poor, fights injustice, and considers the Thakurs as her greatest enemies. Chhote Thakur is married to Sharbati. One day, Phulwa comes face-to-face with the couple and is forced to kill Chhote Thakur in self-defence. Bade Thakur and Sharbati pledge revenge against Phulwa for the killing of Chhote Thakur.

A stranger named Shatrughan (Ajay Chaudhary) enters Phulwa's group and slowly gains her confidence. Phulwa feels that with the death of Chhote Thakur she is done with her revenge. However, the head of the bandits, Gayatri (Shikha Singh), tells her not to put down arms. News spreads that a new ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) has taken charge of the area. After a few weeks, it is revealed that Shatrughan is the new ACP in disguise. His real name is Abhay Singh. He arrests Phulwa and her friends. A lawyer named Roshni (Rakshanda Khan) fights on their behalf in court. She argues that Phulwa is innocent and should be allowed to go home. It is then revealed that Abhay is the out-of-wedlock son of Bade Thakur and is fiercely loyal to his father, whom he considers a good man. Bade Thakur is now an aspiring politician. As a publicity stunt, he offers to get Phulwa married to Abhay. Phulwa accepts because it will mean her release from jail.

Abhay is already engaged to his colleague Aarti but on his wedding day Phulwa replaces Aarti's and gets married to Abhay. It is revealed that Aarti helped Phulwa out of sympathy. Bade Thakur and Abhay are furious but helpless. Phulwa starts staying at Thakur's house as the new daughter-in-law of the family. Her aim is to expose the Thakur's misdeeds and take revenge. Abhay and Phulwa grow closer. Bade Thakur reveals that he murdered Abhay's mother and arranges for Abhay to meet with an accident. Fighting for his life, Abhay needs blood that Thakur agrees to donate only if Phulwa becomes his slave. While Phulwa agrees, the doctor tells them that while Abhay will live, he won't be able to move due to damage to his spine leaving Phulwa shocked.

A new surgeon, Dr. Arjun performs a successful surgery and Abhay is cured, but here Arjun's secret is revealed. Arjun is Shankar's younger brother who has come to avenge his brothers death. He plans to kill both Abhay and Phulwa mistakenly thinking that Phulwa killed Shankar. Babu tells Arjun who the real culprit is. Abhay with the help of Arjun and Babu traps Thakur. In the end, Thakur is killed by Phulwa. The serial ends on a happy note with Phulwa and Abhay leading a happy life with their twin (a boy and a girl) children.



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